Car tires “killer”, these must be careful, User: death every minute!

Today, the number of Cars Is growing, but Car accidents are also more and more. Automobile tires as a Car body, a component of the hardest working, undertakes the important tasks. If your Car’s tires burst Careless, but that very serious consequences. Car tires “killer”, these must be Careful, User: death every minute!

First of all there Is the construction site and near the road. ThIs road, big guy must pay attention to avoid, as far as possible be able to bypass the bypass, just in case. ThIs section Will generally have a lot of small stones and small nails, it Is easy to put the Car tires slashed. So we must pay attention to the big guy.

there Is the village road, thIs road Is little general maintenance person, there may be some hidden weapon on the road, so that your Car tires are not Careful in trick. So the big guys on thIs road, the eye can be really long. Encountered an unknown object must accelerate slowly.

There Is a curb, small series have seen many owners like to open the Car on the curb, feel cool look. But thIs approach Is to make the Car were injured. If lighter, may make tire cord breaking, lay hidden drum package. In severe cases, it may make direct Car tires scrapped.

Finally Is overweight, in general, an Automobile Is a standard load bearing. Even empty, the four tires have to withstand a lot of weight, if it Is overloaded, over time, the tires certainly Will not stand. Then it Will slowly damaged. There may be a direct puncture, so it Is quite serious consequences. So small partners who treat Cars must drive Carefully, do not let too much burden.

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