Car tires in the end how long they need to be replaced? Many people may not know

driving down the road we are most concerned about the most important Issue Is, of course, security Issues, who said the economy Is now constantly upgrading, every household has its own a Car, in the past, when someone buy a Car really Is like a rich man, and people are very envious of, but now almost every household owns a Car, and even some family of four or a family of three people. The popularity of Cars brought to our travel great convenience, there are now almost Car where we are able to get, but we also have to know something about some of the knowledge of the Car, in the process of moving, if the Car appears some fault or problem, we also know how to deal with.

must be on time to the Car to do some maintenance at the usual time, but many owners in the maintenance of the Car, they often stay in the replacement of oil or spark plug, but forget maintenance Car tires, Car tires Is essential for a Car, the Car tires in the end how long they need to be replaced? Many people may not know.

because we want to know, when we drove, the tire Is in direct contact with the ground, if the friction between the faster the speed, the tire and the ground Will be greater, the Car’s tires once fails, it Is unable to run normally, when Will a serious Car crash. Although we usually have to pay attention to tire maintenance, the first thing to note Is the regulation of tires tire pressure, tire pressure monitoring if not on the Car when you can buy a tire pressure gauge, always test it, if it Is too high or too low can not.

ThIs Is to check the degree of wear of the tire, the friction with the ground for a long time, Will cause the sidewall of the tire becomes thinner, tires belonging to hIs own life, there are many owners when the tires need to be replaced, that can also be normal driving, not to replace, but thIs fact has some rIsk. We have to check my tires before driving, or from time to time to check the degree of wear of four tires, if necessary, then it must be transposed, so that it can effectively improve the life of Automobile tires.

InUnder normal driving condition, to 10,000 km per Car when you need to conduct a four transposition, and thIs Is in order to prevent more serious side of the tire wear, tire and if indeed arrived, when the replacement selection must go to replace, rather than to save money to help themselves and others in serious danger. So that when the road Will be able to improve security.

Xiaobian Summary: In conclusion I hope you must pay more attention in the Car, we must be more Careful hIs Car tire pressure Is how much, and the degree of wear and tear, how much should be clear, safe travel Is not only responsible for their own lives, but also responsible for the lives of others. If we say that when we were tire wear Is very serious, and must be replaced in time, do not to save money, and ultimately lead to very serious consequences. Car tires in the end how long they need to be replaced? Many people may not know!