Car tires in the end for how long, after reading these points, no longer afraid of being fooled 4S shop

of the tire Is one of the most important parts of the Automobile, it Carries the weight of the vehicle body, direct contact with the ground, the working environment Is very bad. It’s hard and soft direct impact on passengers in the Car driving experience, it Will have a direct impact on people’s driving safety. Usually dIsgraced doing menial work, in people’s eyes without the slightest sense of presence, until the nail bar, a gas leak, when in broke down half way, did not realize its importance. Then the general Car tire needs to be replaced once it how long?

In fact, tire replacement cycle, based on time, dIstance, and wear to decide.

The main raw material rubber tire, rubber under prolonged conditions Will be aging, as the official replacement time period, each country Is not clearly defined. The Car companies and brands of tires are not the same argument, for example, NIssan and Mercedes-Benz owners Will prompt tires, the Car regardless of wear, the tires should be replaced after six years, the factory; Michelin tires and Continental Tire claim that they the tires can be used for more than 10 years, but they also recommended that after 5 years, every year to conduct a comprehensive inspection by a professional. As a result, the rIsk of a puncture put to a minimum.

Taizhi years to aging crack, bearing capacity decreases easily puncture; in normal life, as long as the tire Is worn to the convex tooth groove mark since it must be replaced, otherwIse jeopardizing driving safety.

tire mileage by replacement, different brands of tires, different design patterns, the owner usually driven by the degree of Care and so Will Car tires are running away varying degrees, each tire manufacturer Will set a flag to the greatest degree of wear as a sign of Car tires, if the flag Is worn to dIsappear, then it shows the life of a tire coming to an end, in which case the driver friends We can change the tires up.

to see the extent of damage of the tire, since the tire inner wall Bohou uneven or pressure over stones and other hard objects, such as usually the curb, so that after running for some time and some of the tire Will bulge of phenomenon. ThIs Is especially true in the summer, a puncture at high rIsk, so it Is necessaryTimely replacement.

can be divided into tire maintenance routine that steps:

1, to regularly check the air pressure in all tires, including the spare included. (Upon cooling state)

2, wheel alignment and regular power balance, to avoid uneven wear of the tire due to the hands where unevenness occurs.

3, please slow traffic or avoid the face in front of stones, potholes and other obstacles.

4, to prevent sunlight, oils, acids, hydroCarbons erosion tire. Dog multi-cell, it can block the tires to prevent tire the dog’s urine corrosion.

6, the need to develop good driving habits, such as: avoid the emergency brake, steering wheel too hard and so on.