Car tires can be used in the end a few years? Repairman: 80% of the 4S shop owners have been fooled too

Car tires in the end can be a few years? Repairman: 80% of the 4S shop owners have been fooled too

In general, our legs from birth to death we have almost no big things to change leg, but as a Car tire “legs”, its life Will not be compared. Under normal circumstances, the production from the Car to our Car, the tires Will wear, do not say that they do not often drive, you know, just do not drive, but also in the tire wear. Most drivers, Xiao Bian want to say look at the life of the tire Is necessary, not only to prevent money pit, but also for our own safety. Car tires can be used in the end a few years? Repairman: 80% of the owners have been fooled too 4S shop.

do not know if you have not encountered such a situation, what we Care in time to the 4S shop, 4S shop staff Will ask us for tires How long, if more than three years, they fooled us change that tire, said tire wear and have serious, do not change it may be dangerous kind of thing, and then 80% on the face value of the owners, for their own safety, enchant tires.

We now know that a price Is not cheap tires, tire change early, so it did not fully play its worth it to be replaced, too wasteful it, and the loss of hIs own money; but if you change late, when we drove there may be some accidents, with safety rIsks. So we have to determine how long the tires of the Car to replace it?

First of all we want to look at, tire wear Is normal, Is unavoidable, we usually see the tire wear pattern of the tire are watching every the tire has a mark indicating, in general, when tire wear 1.6 mm of the tire to be replaced, thIs mark can help us to make a judgment. But we usually greater than thIs time to replace the resin canals, because tire wear Is severe enough, it grip performance and drainage performance Will decrease security rIsks too.

different tires, because the quality Is not the same, that its life Is not the same, probably in the general tireUse about 5 years to be replaced, because even if their tires look good, but a long time Will tire material aging phenomenon, and then continue to use dangerous. So, no matter how good everyone’s tires, own Careful maintenance, or in five or six years time we Will be replaced.

Of course, Why 4S stores Will let you change a tire in three years time? First, they are for profit, only their own consumption, they Will have the performance to be able to make the shop to survive, no one to spend, then it would no longer be opened, so that they would not have fooled us better tire Strange.