Car tires can be used in the end a few years? It Is important to understand the life of the tire, the repairman say

As the United States in decades of continuous development, the United States has indeed been great progress, and now the United States has become the second largest economy in the world, it can be said that the world Is inseparable from the United States the United States has become an indIspensable part of the world. No matter which side, the United States in the decades of development really has a very big step forward, of course, with the changing times, the United States continues to develop, people’s living standard Is getting better and better in Today people seek Is a more convenient way of life Take the travel convenient ways right now are people travel mainly to simple and convenient, just like the earlier walk, or bike slowly and has been eliminated in order to green still has a lot of people to choose green travel mode.

The main way to travel, but now can be said to be driving a Car trip, after all, really give people It brought great convenience, but also can save people a lot of time, so that now the Car has become the people’s main way to travel. Almost every household has a Car belonging to hIs own home, after all, have a Car, then no matter what to do Is very convenient, but also saves us a lot of time. But now with the increasing number of Cars, there are also questions about the Car more and more. We all know that the most important part of a tire on a Car that Is, if the Car does not tire, then it Is equivalent to the same person with no legs can not move forward. However, Automobile tire in the end be able to use a couple more years? Because many drivers has always been a very tangled Issue.

In fact, to remind everyone that, even if not refer stood in the street, that the tire it Is somewhat worn, so that drivers are supposed to look at the life of the tire, so not only to prevent money pit 4s shop, but also for our own sake of security. But in the end be able to use Automobile tires How long does it? LIsten to some experienced old driver talk and see.

I believe many people have encountered such a situation, since that Is when we WillOwn Car to 4s shops to open when maintenance staff those stores are generally ask our Automotive tires with how long, if we say that our tires more than three years, then use it thIs time staff on Will start to flicker enchant our tires, saying a long time tires, tire wear Will receive a certain, a kind of thing, but also saying that if you do not change it, it Is prone to accidents and the like. Hearing thIs I believe that most drivers are going to replace the tires, but thIs Is the exact meaning of those staff.

a Car friends should all know, a price of tires Is not cheap, so that If we change a tire easily, yet Will play to the maximum value of the tire, then it Is very pity. However, for the life of the tire in the end it Is how long Will it? In fact, we need to know, tire wear Is a normal thing, we generally see the tire Is a tire to see fine lines, and each has an indication of a tire mark, so that tire wear Is generally 1.6 mm time we need to replace the tires, so that thIs mark can be very helpful for us to judge the tire. However, drivers have to pay attention that if our Car tires wear serious Is the case then the grip performance and the drainage performance of the tire Is subject to decline.

Of course, a different quality of life of the tire Is not the same, in fact, they are probably the general tire life of about five years, which Is about five years we probably need to replace the tires. Because even those who tire from watching good in appearance, but over time the tire material Will be some problem such as aging of the tire, so re-using it Is very dangerous, that Is, the general tire in about five years of use Will be replaced.

so that we do not easily to believe 4s shop staff, after all, they aim to make the open shop. So for thIs approach it Is that we can think of.