Car tires can be used for many years? Years of automotive mechanic: 4S shop to find flicker novice!

For Car owners, Car maintenance Is very important, but in the eyes of most owners, the engine Is the most critical, so no matter how many times maintenance, first check Is the engine, which Is understandable, but we have overlooked a very important Issue, that Is the Car’s tires, many people feel that they do not puncture, that check does not check the problem Is not great, but the tire Is related to traffic safety, then we all know that Car tires can be used for many years? Years of Automotive mechanic: 4S shop to find flicker novice!

Little Tire common sense would say that depends on tire tread wear, in fact, Is the reason, there Is tire wear on the tires of every Car indicator, if worn to a certain extent, so it Is imperative to replace the tire. According to U.S.’s relevant laws and regulations, limit tire wear thickness Is 1.6MM, if more than thIs limit, then you need to replace the tires.

In another case the owner Is usually more Care, no cracks tires above, the above pattern Is relatively complete, thIs time the owners could not considered necessary to replace Car tires, in fact, thIs idea Is very wrong, because after the tire burst of aging Is very easy, if traveling that day the sun Is relatively large, then the situation faced by owners Is more severe the.

For private Cars, the use of strength Is not large, often a year Is twenty-three miles away, while some private Cars even with only a year ten thousand kilometer only, such a travel, for Car tires wear down fairly low, can under the circumstances to change a tire, it can be replaced every seven or eight years, and small series we usually have to wake up at any time to check it’s the degree of wear and tear, there Is that you can buy a tire pressure detector.