Car tires can be used for many years? 20-year auto mechanics: 4S shop to find the net novice to flicker!

We all know that the engine Is the heart of a Car, but the tires Is also important for the Car, if not tire, that Car Is useless! In addition to affecting the performance of the Car outside, the tire also has a major impact on Car driving safety! What can a tire a few years? General To be safe, buy a Car in the 4S shop maintenance time Will tell you, the tires should be replaced once every 3 years, and various statements about the tires, but also countless online, Car tires can be used for many years? 20-year Auto mechanics: 4S shop to find the net novice to flicker!

Car tire wear Is not the same so replacement Is not the same time, we need to be judged by its above pattern. Some Careful owner should have found the index mark above all the wear and tear, it Is a triangular mark, we can find thIs flag in the tread, then follow the requirements, if it Is lower than the 1.6 mm it should Changed.

Also note that the private Car tire usually has nothing to do with mileage, relevant only with time. If the Car Is basically parked in the open air parking lot, then we should consider changing tires four years. If it Is parked in the garage, and six years have changed, because the tread rubber has been aged. If at any time there are small cracks found in the side of the tire, it must immediately change the tire.

Of course, if you want to think a long time tires wear more evenly, we could be 8000-10000 kilometers once every four transposition. After the four-wheel drive vehicle drive and the right to be swapped left front, right front left rear swap, swap the left front left rear and right rear of the right front transducer; right front and left rear to front-drive swapping, swap the left front and right rear, left front left after changing the right front and rear of the right to change.