Car tires can be used exactly how many years? Old auto repair work to tell you the details, do not be fooled

Lead: Car tire can actually use for many years? Old Auto repair work to tell you the details, do not be fooled

a mention of the most important parts of the Car itself, many people Will answer directly out of the engine. In fact, for the Car tires it Is also important. Tires for the Car Is the Car of the four legs, if only to Cars with an engine no tires, then the Car Will just an empty shell. There Is no way to play a practical role, the tires of the Car Will have a lot of influence of such a vehicle Is not used for the performance of the Car. It Will also affect the safety performance, then the Car’s tires exactly how long it can be used. 20 years Auto mechanic says do not lIsten to the 4S shop just flicker.

most drivers to change a tire index Is based on how long the Car driving, in fact, the tire Is not the number of kilometers of thIs concept, different traffic roads, natural for tire wear Is not the same, according to the naked eye tire tread wear can decide how long later replacement tires, tire itself comes with tire wear marks, usually in the direction of the triangle of tire side, when we can point to the decIsion to replace the inside tires, under normal circumstances, to identify the degree of wear small square less than 1.6 mm, the tire should be replaced.

old Auto repair work: For ordinary private Car Is driving mileage Is 2-30000 km, possible for users of Car Care for a year driving Automobile mileage of 10,000 km Will. Is time to replace the tire, in fact, usually within 7-8 years time Will be changed. 10 years to change a tire, then if driving Is possible only within the inner city roads, the main production material Is rubber tire. With the driving time and aging. We should cherIsh while driving tires. Try to avoid corrosion suffered acid substances prohibited overloading occurs, observe Automobile tire pressure to restart, avoid crowded small-angle rolling, teeth, and other road situations arIse. So lIstening to old Auto repair workers say tire life details, after the stop being fooled!

for each country and not laws and regulations should explain how many years the replacement tires, tire brands have different versions about time to replace the Mercedes-Benz, NIssanCar Is usually said to be replaced every six years, Michelin tires as well as some domestic brands, then you can also use more than 10 years. But they Will be prompted to check Car tires oh after 5 years of use.