Car tires can be up to a few years? Senior repairman reminder: Do not exceed thIs number!

Car tires can be used up to a few years? Senior repairman reminder: Do not exceed thIs number!

Now the Car Is around us very common means of transport, and we have, in fact, Is very familiar with, we all know that tires are the only contact with a position of the vehicle with the ground handling and brake and tire performance are related, so that the tire Is very important to a lot of people do not regularly check the habit of Car tires in peacetime, real time until the accident Will be very sorry, so we bought a Car after that, under normal circumstances be able to use the tires in the end how long? So today we bring with me the article Is to tell you Is that thIs Issue. Car tires can be up to a few years? Senior repairman reminder: Do not exceed thIs number!

only tire wear and aging and use of a vehicle dIsplay environment has a close relationship. And it would not be determined how long the tires must be replaced, at least to determine the need to replace the tires Is not according to their own judgment. People have a wear limit, it Is simply tread groove from time to time there Will be a small step. About 1.6 mm, it Is the sign of the wear limit, when the tire tread wear to the height of the time, it means that the tire has been worn to the limit at thIs time to replace the tires, if it continues to use to go on, tire grip can not security, specific performance Will become. The braking dIstance Is extended, so these wet slippery conditions.

the tire sidewall phenomenon from the package, it shows the metal coil inside the tire has been deformed or broken, if it continues with it It would rIsk a puncture of the current city mileage of about 2.5 to 30,000, a year when the subjects, the wear resIstance of the tire can then travel about 70,000 km replacement, if the choice Is to implement the recommendations of talent with 50,000 or 60,000 km of driving dIstance phone replacement a year Is about 10,000 km, see 13 years to four years to go to change tires.

Will be the case since the rubber after aging law rubber products reach a certain time, so thatTime Is also very important reference value, senior maintenance worker to remind owners, if the Car Is often the case in the open, usually every three to five years to replace my tires, but if you do not often open, then a maximum of 6 years or 7 years, otherwIse there Will be a certain degree of rIsk. ThIs Is today I bring you the article, after you read thIs article, we Will know in the process of moving, how long to change a Car tire of it.