Car tires available for how many years? Family cars should not exceed thIs number

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with the rapid economic development of the times, leading international Automobile market bigger and stronger, so the number of people in a Car has been incremented. We all know that the engine Is the most important part of a Car, but the Car’s tires Is also important for the Car, therefore, a lot of people have doubts, Car tires can be used many years? Repairman: family Cars should not exceed thIs number.

repairman said the majority of people believe a Car tire to go after how many kilometers Will be damaged, in fact, thIs Is not necessarily because, according to the road different situations caused by wear of Car tires are different, so it’s useful life Will be different. Generally written instructions on the tire are 3–5 years, the period which Is Bluff, imagine a tire with three years, 1000 to sell a little better tires, a change down Is 4000, three years some unusual Car owners mileage of less than 10,000 kilometers, the owner of money Is it big wind come it?

In our country, even if the tire Is manufactured in accordance with national standards should be based on different circumstances to determine the length of its useful life. In general, the family Car are not too worn tires, worn or Is not too serious, so, in about seven years enchant it. But thIs Is not necessarily the only accurate numerical value, the sight of the tires appear drum kits, cracks, wear less than 1.6mm tread grooves Will enchant the tire.

Here the small series have a good way of measuring the degree of wear of the tire grooves, older drivers are Yongzhe Zhao, and that Is to use a dollar coin tire groove the insert, if the coin Is inserted into chrysanthemum vIsible to, it shows that tire change, otherwIse not.