Car tires appear these four cases, older drivers advIse you to quickly get a new one

If the Car had appeared in the process of driving the problem, then the consequences are unimaginable, here I’ll give you a brief talk about, Car maintenance process, to identify whether there Is a problem of tire method, the tire of a Car Bigfoot, its “health” impact on traffic safety. Most of the owners are very focused on the maintenance of the Car, the tires tend to ignore, regardless of whether in fact had an accident or rolling over tires, tire life are there, first: tread wear indicator Wear close, you can go back and observe yourself Car, at the bottom of the groove of the tire tread wear indicator can be seen. If the tire Is worn to mark the edge of a necessary and timely change tires, Automobile tires appear these four cases, older drivers advIse you to quickly get a new one.

Second: If the tread has been swollen, only thIs time the tire can no longer be used, uneven sleeve surface, can cause the tires during running occur when a strong shake up and down, and even causing a puncture, which we observe the tire, it should also observe the side of the tire, you quickly see what hIs flank wear hair if it Is clear that it shows the presence of a low-pressure or high-pressure state of the vehicle under traveled, there Is the case of those Car owners must pay attention to tire of thIs situation Is also very easy to puncture, have a greater potential accidents happen.

Third: badly worn tire surface, then, what Is badly worn it? Popular point it Is not clear lines of tires, nearly smooth, so the tire friction with the land are often not accurate, it Will become very, very small friction. It Will affect the state of the brakes. If the Car needs Jicha, but your tires have worn too serious, then your Car itself does not exIst Jicha conditions, so you can only watch as the Car forward toward the danger. ThIs Is very dangerous, there Is such a situation must be promptly replaced.

Fourth: the tire Is rolling, deep wound, change go! Tire running on the road, tie a nail inevitable, but be aware that the nail pierced the tire, the owners do not use tools without nail pull, pull out once, Will soon tire deflated, the only way Is to change a spare tire or wait for roadside assIstance. Secondly, the damage caused by nails if more than 6mm, the number of multi-nails, or tie in the sidewall, itGive up the struggle to change tires direct it!

of the tire Is substantially made of rubber. The flexible rubber, fear most Is the deterioration in the external environment, the resulting rubber deterioration. The most common situation Is rubber hard and lose elasticity, causing cracking and finally, there Will be even more serious by the tread of the tire block peeling, once a month, check the tire pressure Is very important, regular four standard transposition Is to allow each wheel has a chance at the four corners of the Car each lap service, so that the wheels could wear it completely average. Some Car never do, as well as the gradual deviation, or reduce tire life (because of local excessive wear), serious, we had to rely on the dIsease, that Is to say, it took tens of thousands of remembered change, the result of a serious Car shake, I had to change back to continue to open, even on new tires can not be fully resolved, since the wear Is a matter of matching the various components of the whole Car, other Car parts because of excessive wear of the tire wear, as well as post-adjustment becomes impossible .