Car tire tread What Is the secret? Read these you Will know!

Is a portion of the tire with the ground only contact the Car, just as people as shoes. Many owners buy tires Is not going to pay Careful attention to the difference between its tread pattern, just pondering its cost-effective, and even some people think that the tire tread Is just a beautiful role. In fact, the only difference between the tire and tire tread Recipes, Recipes and manufacturers Is an internal confidential, only the pattern Is let us know the key to its performance. Car tire tread What Is the secret? Read these you Will know!

on the tire tread Is not just a design, the tread Is not to look good, are all moles per divIsion, they Carry out their duties. Different tire tread around the tire performance. Moles and most middle of the block ribs are formed on both sides of the tire seating area of ​​the main surface of the wipe, their role Is to tightly grip the ground.

Many factors affect the pattern of the role, but play a major role in the Car and use-related factors are the type pattern and tread depth. Tire tread a variety of forms, but to sum up, there are three: general pattern Dian cross-country patterns and mixing patterns. Pattern Is too deep, the elastic deformation of the block land large, the rolling resIstance also formed large, but not conducive to dIssipation of the tire, tread force due punIshed apparent roots tear off the like. Pattern too shallow, affecting its water storage, drainage capacity, easily lead to “hydroplaning.”

tires should be replaced when the 3-year or 60,000 km. (On the sidewall of the tire has a four-digit number, indicating the date of manufacture of tires – 52 weeks on behalf of the first two weeks / year, the last two represent the year.) Tire for comfort and sports Car handling and have a very big impact, so choose a suitable Car tires are very important. Of course, the most important thing Is to understand the tires, or tire choice Is also a tangled thing.