Car tire three times fifty kilometers, a few hundred meters away there Is a repair shop?

In recent years U.S.’s living standards have improved significantly, every household has a private Car, go out like driving the Car, the Car may not be very high quality, but at least it can shelter. But sometimes hIs Car Is actually relatively easy, but sometimes it Is a burden, such as flat tire on the road.

A few days ago there are fans with Xiaobian Tucao: drive yourself taking a trip, running hundreds of kilometers on the right point high-speed, high-speed ready to find a place to rest meal, fifty kilometers puncture three times! And are to be punctured nails, nail shape Is such a tripod, the world there are things that a coincidence? Local and punctured the tires of a few hundred meters away there Is a repair shop or tire repair phone, despair and gives hope.

ThIs architecture Is very special nails, a total of four focus points, just how there Is always a point Is placed upward, such a big head whatever drove over the bar and then a puncture certainly Will be, in thIs case if the speed Is very fast, the tires are not flat tires, then the moment Will slip, wheel ruined or small, or if the vehicle in front and hit the roadside flower beds, that I can not imagine the consequences.

During the dIscussion, a real fans to share their experience: Three years ago, tens of thousands of their own driving Cars a block, probably in the speed of 60km / about h, after the national highway tied to nail puncture, the Car thrown ten meters crashed into a tree, the entire front of all the scrap, but fortunately airbag system people all right, that Taiwan Is a direct scrapped Cars.

drove hard about how there Will be so many nails on the road it?

In fact, the old drivers know, even driving on the road to nail Sforza Is normal, but dozens of kilometers on the bar three times that there Is definitely a problem, but also exactly the same shape nails, tens of kilometers after a puncture repair shop also seem out of place, away from the road to the city who would invest in an Auto repair shop? Recurring basic Is someone intentionally.

In thIs sparsely populated section, there Will be professional tires punctured after subsidies? Called in the flow of subsidies to a few minutes? I believe thIs kind of thing anyone can come see?

thIs strange road repair shop, tire Will be used only for repair, the price Is even more expensive than on the outside, you see It Is also a local license plate you ask politely, if a foreign license plate but also a time charge, made clear that pit owners.

ThIs Is basically a triangular nail pierced a quasi tire repaired even if there are security rIsks, drive out if you really encounter thIs case, the first time you select an alarm, another way to try not to open strange, foreign vehicles can go as far as possible take the high-speed.