Car tire broke, do not just lIsten to the recommended repair shop, it Is also useful to save money

People often drive out of it, sometimes go to unfamiliar places, might be some small state, Automobile tires are what tie to wear! Fortunately, now the Car, in the technical aspects have made great progress, the Car Will be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, if pressure Is too high or too low, people Will know for the first time, in order to take appropriate measures. Carry spare tire inside the Car, which time out could be used.

then encountered such a situation, but also need to choose a replacement in a safe place. There Is also a case of it, when later found tire pressure has decreased, if possible, also be open to the Car repair shop, so that maintenance workers to deal with what such a situation. General into the store to repair it, they usually recommend three methods for selecting these methods, do not just lIsten to the recommended repair shop, money Is also useful!

A first method it Is also a method of comparing provincial thing, Is in a special tire was up, sprayed on the tread broken place , you can play o role. In thIs way life really Is a provincial thing, but it kept time Is limited. Car may not be open long, the hole in place may also leak. Well, since it came to the repair shop, or do not choose thIs way because it keeps the time was too short!

The second Is that the patch repair method Is widely used in children. ThIs repair method Is relatively common, and the price Is relatively affordable. But it has one drawback, though patched from live inside the place of the leak, but the surface of the tire still have pits exIst.

So the usual running, some of the water and Zangtu road, Will be deposited in the eyes of small pits, a long time Will the impact of tire repair effect. ThIs repair method Is more suitable for some old Cars, such as has been used for about three years the Car. For thIs age of Cars for it, it’s possible it’s time to tire of the change, so thIs time, there Is no need to spend to repair the expensive price.

A third method Is to use mushrooms nail repair, thIs method Is more advanced than some of the conventional repair method, the corresponding price Will also expensive, its use Is from the tire inside the nail mushroom roots, from where wear out hole, cut off the excess portion from the surface of the tire, so that both the inside patched vulnerability.

At the same time, where for the tread surface pits have also been filled, thus avoiding some of the sand, the water enters into the pit. So that the tread can be used for a longer time. ThIs method Is suitable for Cars within three years, although the price Is a little expensive, but after use, repair of the effect of keeping some of the more long-term, but also make use of the Car longer time.

so that different age of the Car, tire repair methods used are also different, everyone in the usual driving noticed? So go to the repair shop, no matter what method Is used tire repair it, fill in the final Is over, or to be balanced, and only out of the pits after doing safely through to the balance of the Car, people can be more at ease the drive. Car tire broke, do not just lIsten to the recommended repair shop, money Is also useful!