Car sun protection tips and how to choose a car sun protection clothing!

The hot sun and hot weather are that hot summer has arrived. Summer heat and ultraviolet radiation peak, people travel not only pay attention to sun, the Car Is no exception, we also need good sunscreen!

1, must be selected parking place

a simple way to protect your Car sunscreen choose a good summer parking, and put your Car in a cool place or indoor garage. ThIs can eradicate the strong sunlight of the Car long-term exposure. If there Is no indoor parking garage or underground conditions, you can choose shade in the shade of the building to reduce direct sunlight. To remind the majority of the owners of the sun, but also to protect the body, such as under a tree in the park, to prevent resin loss, bird droppings, etc. on the body, once accidentally adhere to these, it should promptly clean the body, prevent erosion damage to the paint. In addition, summer Is the season of frequent puncture, so we should pay more attention to tire of the sun.

Long-term exposure to sunlight leads to aging and the possibility of the rubber surface of the tire burst. In summer, if found tire temperature Is too high, the tire pressure Is too high, you should not inhale air, poured into cold water, choose parking in the shade, the temperature and pressure of the tire falls. When an abnormal tire pressure, the tire pressure should be adjusted. The air pump as the LG500, blue backlight gauge anodized aluminum cylinder, speed. Tire pressure gauge can detect not only the tire pressure, and when the tire pressure Is not enough, may be inflated immediately, when the tire pressure Is too high, the tire pressure Is too high pressure may be appropriate. Readily able to maintain pressure, effectively maintain tire pressure. normal.

2, and to use sunscreen film sunshade

If there Is no good parking bit, you can also choose sunscreen for your Car. Automotive proof film attached, may function as heat, explosion, UV rays, and effective to reflect part of the heat, reduce heat into the Car. In the sunshine, the Car continues to accumulate heat, resulting in a sudden rIse in temperature inside the Car. If the explosion-proof film Is attached on an Automobile, the heat can be effectively prevented, to improve the fueleffectiveness. In addition, the explosion-proof film has a strong clairvoyant, but the Car Is still very clear from the film, you can keep a good perspective effects at night and in the rain, and to protect the safety of the owner. Usually the rate of mass sunscreen UV-shielding film Is 90% to 100% infrared shielding rate Is generally about 30% to 95%.

Of course, the owner may choose to use the sun gear. The most important Is to block the sun, the sun can not get into the Car. To some extent, the effect of reducing the burning Car, to avoid the effects of leather seat and dashboard UV damaged.

3, to remember the Car waxing

directly irradiated with ultraviolet rays of the sun in the body paint on, which Will change the internal surface of the paint over a long period of time. Especially in summer strong sunlight Will fade the paint, and even small cracks. Therefore, in order to take Care of the body’s delicate skin, body Care Summer Is also the peak period. Car waxing also an effective way to prevent sunburn. Vehicle maintenance Is the easiest and quickest wax, wax maintenance vehicle owners can regularly not only can play the role of light and beauty, but also can prevent oxidation, anti-UV, anti-tarnIsh, acid-based, anti-static effect over time .

4, the pull-out sun shade

As you can imagine it. Retractable curtains reel feature. In use, the upper chuck Is fixed on the window, and the other end may be pulled to the lower edge of the window. When not in use, roll up the network, to back away. I do not like these things, I did not buy, I did not ask it.

5, static plastic side windows Sun posted:

, in addition to the size of the work, basically no difference between the sound on very large . The master said, it can be reused, as long as the sticker on the window of the top in the end section, then the other side of the protective cellophane Will be removed. But it does not break, it’s a lot of trouble.

In the summer sunscreen Car sewing there are several points to note! As Cars clothing more and more hot, many businesses began to steal fabric for profit.The Car clothing does not protect the vehicle, it Will destroy the Car paint. Finally, what kind of material Is good? There are many different brands of Cars clothing on the market, if the price of the Car Is too low, and that Is good. Carefully consider whether to buy thIs Car. In general, Automotive fabrics and fabric material Will be bad, it Is easy to scrape Car paint problems. But in fact, many companies often multi-functional fire and sunscreen to attract more customers, and those so-called “universal” Car rarely used clothing and sunscreen insulation effect, which Is a Car under the sun a serious threat. Automobile clothing can not control the temperature inside the vehicle with inferior materials. It may also lead to spontaneous combustion vehicle.

The following small series to breakdown of what poor quality sewing drawbacks:

Is not waterproof: because they when sewing the seam-line Car, but also with a large sewing needle, which greatly reduces the waterproof Car. Regardless of the use of advanced fabrics, they are not superior waterproof. The number of silver-plated roads did not meet water standards, only about 600 water pressure Is reduced.

No flame retardant: While these Cars clothing fabric Is a high quality fabric, but its flame retardant fabrics do not meet national standards, and some even have fire-retardant logo manufacturer, no flame retardant on the fabric. When the sparks as fireworks and firecrackers splashed down in the Car, it Is not fire-retardant, but can rIse. The effect of combustion, greatly endanger the safety of the surroundings.

Is not anti-Xueshuang: ThIs Is the fabric can not be advanced fabrics, cotton and the amount of the Car has not yet reached the national standard, the Car in general and cotton clothes, which only amount lint 40 grams, 75 grams senior national standard Is lint.

finally had to remind you, if you need to buy a Car clothing, manufacturers should always pay attention sunscreen material to cover, and to recognize the role of Car sunscreen ; let the Car spontaneous combustion and heat insulation in high temperature conditions, consult the details. For example, gas lighters, air fresheners, perfumes, and other flammable items. On the Car, do not smoke, matches and other bright stove close to the vehicle, covered with sunscreen, do the protection work, so that the Car can really withstand the sun “fried.”

In the hot summer weather, we still have to Carry the sun do the work on their own Car, after all, we still go out to use, in fact, thIs Is in our favor, Why not for it?