Car summer air conditioning costs too much oil? Want good fuel-efficient refrigeration, old drivers to teach you a simple method

In our lives, thIs Is now a very important part of Car

, he has given us travel to provide a very big help, especially in some weather which we appear, then we Will feel very uncomfortable, such as heavy rain or the weather Is now very hot summer weather, thIs weather we felt travel very difficult, but if a Car Is not the same at home.

because we also know that the Car comes with on-board air conditioning, refrigeration and vehicle air conditioning Is also possible, so we sat in the Car while driving can feel to very cool. Smart Car air conditioning Is mainly consumed in our gasoline, the price of gasoline for us now Is really fluctuated, but overall the feeling Is still very expensive, so a lot of Car owners often complain about the summer air conditioning costs too much gas.

then for want of air conditioners and worry about the cost of Car owners, there some better way, and there Is air conditioning and refrigeration period there Is a good important consumption point, so in the end we have no way to make the Car cooling time, fuel consumption Is not so much of it. Car and summer air conditioning costs too much oil? Want good fuel-efficient refrigeration, old drivers to teach you a simple method. So then let us look at these actions and what Is it old drivers.

The first point of these older drivers like to use air-conditioning systems in motor vehicles inside and outside the loop, we also understand that the Car Is now equipped with air conditioning are on top of those Automatic air conditioning , so there are a lot of Car owners directly after the open air, and then to everything else, but in fact thIs Is not a correct approach, because we know that the Car in case of internal and external circulation, the air conditioning and the state Is not the same as usual, If you are a rational use of internal and external circulation system, then you can use the lowest fuel consumption of air conditioning and enjoy its best effect.

ThIs Is what we in the case of idling, do not just use air conditioners, for example, we want to leave in a hurry or have something to take leave of our the Car, thIs time we can turn off the air conditioning, because if you do not shut it, air conditioning fuel consumption Will be much larger, but also for our Car for thIsApproach Is also a great lethal.

and that Is for the use of air-conditioning outlet, we may have a lot of people to feel cool, I like to put the air conditioning vent back down to himself but in fact, thIs approach Is not correct, because we know like the old passenger, the tone Is different, but I guess he was to go down when the cold air Is go online network laid down, if not down go, then it Is difficult for us to feel cool.