Car service five times a month, the rush could not walk, 4S shop: No problem, Is a common problem!

When it comes to the Car out of trouble, in fact, all Cars for a long time, more or less Will encounter problems, these problems usually because of wear and tear from use of the Car, that Is usually not a big problem, just drive up to the 4S shop repair, maintenance or replacement parts crux of the problem can be solved. But for most Car owners, Car repair open for a long time Is not a problem, but if you just put a new Car on the problem, it Will make people feel very stuck up.

Chongqing Cheng shortly before it raIsed a SUV, thIs Car Is ready to commute to work with Mr. Zheng bought, and the results in their Car on the way to work it Is frequently a problem. Just to mention Cars a month, Cheng Car on the road frequently error, the reason turned out to be “transmIssion temperature Is too high.”

Because the road has many Chongqing uphill downhill, plus the Cheng easy traffic jam after work, once inside the Car stop and go state, less than ten to twenty minutes, it Will appear on the Car dashboard malfunction code “gearbox temperature Is too high, wait until transmIssion cooling”, thIs time Mr. Zheng had to pull over the Car, waiting for transmIssion only tender to start the Car again after the temperature of the cooling drive away.

ThIs makes Mr. Cheng was very suffer, Mr. Cheng said, “would have to buy a Car for the convenience of the result in the end turned into a thing to suffer.” Because if there Is an error in thIs traffic jam, the vehicle you want to pull over or very difficult. Mr Cheng said that since the Car emergence of thIs Issue, consider themselves to go out every day which route Is blocked, which route Is not blocked, if only bypass traffic jams, or wait a bit before you go. ThIs makes Mr. Cheng to become dawn to dusk every day, morning to evening, because the Car’s sake Cheng had to avoid the morning and evening peak commuting, which made him feel very suffer.

Finally, Mr. Zheng really stand it no longer, and finally found the 4S shop to buy Cars for testing and maintenance. But a month, Zheng find 4S shop maintenance actually have as many as five times, and each time went inquiry 4S shop repair, 4S shop say thIs Is no problem, because Mr. Cheng’s Car SUV Is a dual-clutch transmIssion, gearbox temperature Is too high and Is a common problem in the dual clutch transmIssion. It makes ChengIt Is a wonder and dIstress, how hIs Car there Is such a problem, it can be said to be a common problem? After all, the Car Is not a dual-clutch transmIssion have thIs wrong, only hIs Car there Is such a problem, nor can it be called a common problem, right?

But the answer given by the 4S shop Is still “ThIs Is not the quality of the vehicle, thIs Is just common problem of dual-clutch transmIssion, there Is no way to repair”, 4S shop call thIs sense of frustration at the time of transmIssion shifting Is normal, so no need to worry Cheng. But Mr Cheng believes that as ordinary consumers do not understand the technology of the vehicle, regardless of whether the Car has a problem, all affect the normal use of the owner. Currently, the two sides are ongoing for thIs problem in coordination. For more owners, the model and determine a good performance in front of a Car, coupled with a vehicle inspection Is necessary thing.