Car seat wet, to a repair shop to check the driver, repairman Wuzui laughing

Is now our Car more and more, Car ownership in U.S. has now exceeded 3.5 million units, people’s living standards have improved significantly, the Car has become the essential thing every family, regardless of where to go driving a Car Is very easy, but after a Car, we must not forget that the vehicle maintenance, vehicle only requires us to work without any maintenance to it, then sooner or later the Car Xiecai, which no female driver encountered such a thing, while driving her Car mat damp feeling, but could not find the reason, Is thIs Why? Car seat wet, to a repair shop to check the driver, repairman Wuzui laughing

The female driver on a five-day classes, feel he was very tired, then about a few friends wanted to go out and play the weekend, Friday night, she opened the door to the garage opened, figured ventilation, the first two days when the air inside the Car would be more good, but in the second day ready to drive when they found the Car seat wet hand touch the center console, there are some stains on the center console, then frightened her, so she put the Car open to the repair shop, and prepared to look at thIs master in the end what Is the reason.

was the master looked at the Car parts, found no problems, so he put wet to tear down the center console, instrument panel he found there Is a mass of green liquid below, when the master saw thIs group of green liquid, when instantly knew, the master smiled and said: thIs Is because Car owners do not Care for a long time, Is broken heater tank leak that led to . At thIs point it Is possible to ask users, water heater tank Is not much, how Will flow so much water? At that time the repairman representation because there Is no time to do maintenance, so that led to the water heater tank inside a long time accumulation.

After a long buildup, it Will cause the Car wet, thIs problem needs to replace the heater box can be resolved, then the driver feel that being broken on for a bar, for a heater cores spent 2000 dollars to the driver, the driver who was very angry to think, had their own work very tired, and finally about sIsters out let in the wind, but thIs also did not wanted to catch 2000 dollars, really think about it a bit more harm than good, no way, blame can only blame themselves, Why did it usually does not do Car maintenance it.

Comments: ThIs incident Is a warning to us, after we buy a Car, be sure to pay attention to regular maintenance done on the Car, the Car Is, after all, a consumable, only more with the bad, the more you use the better impossible, to detect problems in the Car, so as to let the Car for a long time work for us, because if their negligence results in damage to Auto parts, and finally to spend money to replace, it may harm than good, I do not know thIs Is how you see it?