Car scratches doing thIs, do not go to the repair shop

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the Car Is becoming more and more essential for people and Cars as transportation means of transport, a lot of people love it a plus, but not more than love It would not be a small problem, such as paint scratches such a thing, even if the attention can not be completely avoided, so for Car scratch thIs problem, Xiao Bian want to move the point, I hope the Car owners can get a bit help.


We say that prevention Automobile small scratches, in addition to their daily lives Will not be noticed sharp objects easy touch, but also to achieve some control when driving, drive yourself time, remember to try to choose a little better way to go, but the speed Is not too fast, too soon encountered the Car but also a timely avoidance, do not let fly Car scratched from the stones.

temporary rust

Car accidentally scratched, marks are not great, in fact, choose to use toothpaste applied to what you can, thIs method Is particularly effective for the white paint of the Car, not only can play the role of a simple repair, but also to prevent a certain level of Car rust.

minor scratches

Car appeared minor scratches, in fact, polIshing method can be used, oh eh and polIshing brightening agent, debrIs out and paint adhesion of the oxide layer, so that fine scratches leveled, while the agent penetrates into the interior of the paint play reduction effect.

deep scratches

If the Car appeared deep scratches, you should look at the draw whether there Is a mark at the metal surface, if the metal surface does not appear, it can be modified using the paint repair pen can be a little bit on the map.

deep scratches

Cars deep scratches appear when we should use the putty color first sanding it with fine sandpaper scratches at the smooth, putty and then Carefully spread evenly up, and finally the FIG mixer, a wax polIsh on the line, In general, there are a treasure store tutorial.

open at the end

If the Car Is very serious scratches, has been filtered through the primer, thIs time we should promptly Is to repair, because the leaking portion of the primer Is exposed to air Is easy to rust, corrosion and further around the paint.

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