Car scratched the surface appeared want to go up painting? Older drivers do not have to tell you

Now many people have bought the Car, after all, economic conditions getting better, there Is a certain economic capacity to buy a Car as a means of transport. For some people, the Car Is essential, for example, some people may be because the workplace with their dIstant family residence, thIs time to go to crowded bus, crowded subway, etc. These vehicles and more waste of time money, very troublesome, and therefore these people Will go to consider buying a Car. Some people are like driving a Car out to play because, for them, their Car out to play Will be more blossoms can also be more fun to play on holidays. Some people just because of marriage,

need to buy a Car as a wedding Car can be both easy to married life can test a good luck, so We Will choose to buy a Car. There are some graduate students also want to have a Car of hIs own Car, but thIs time their lack of economic conditions, there Is no certain economic strength, Will choose to buy a Car by way of loans, the loan Will also be able to complete a few years Owning a Car. No matter what the reason Is because of the need to buy a Car, buy a Car and then later we Will come back very love, after all, eat the price of money, but also by everyone picked and chose compare Car brand performance, configuration, and so on, then go decided. For the Car Will be very good Care, usually while driving Will be very Careful on the road, for fear of scratching and other phenomena occur from time to time Will be sent to 4s shops to do some maintenance, they themselves would wash the Car.

but whether we, no matter how Careful traveling on the road when the vehicle very much, even though we paid great attention to traffic rules, it Is difficult to ensure that the way other people observe traffic rule, or Will occur in the way hIs Car was scratched, and that thIs time Is very tangled, do not know whether to send up painting. In fact, for that matter, generally only novice drivers Will tangle for some older drivers are concerned there Is no need to go up painting. We all know that the Car before the original factory Will be at a high temperature of 200 degrees for the entire Automotive paint color on thIs out very strong, the color looks good, if we are on the road, the Car’s body appeared virtually scratch, then we go to 4s shops up painting, their operations with the original operation IsNot the same,

up out of the paint Is not as strong as the original, so if there Is no suggestion old driver of the Car had exposed primer, thIs time we can do not go up painting. Meanwhile 4s shop owner for your Car Will not be very good Care, after all, every day different brands of Cars of different varieties Will be sent to 4s shops to do maintenance or touch-up painting, he would not be taken Care of according to your unique vehicle brand Is just for your Car to do some touch-up painting, the color looks likely Will not be so perfect, and he subsidize your Car Will probably tear down part of Automobile parts, their Car was demolIshed seventy eight pieces, I believe many people are very uncomfortable.