Car scratched, learn these three strokes, Will not have to repair shops, and a year save a lot of money

for Car travel with us, we are all very important, do not want it to appear scratches or scratches. However, driving a Car coming and going every day, even if not another Car cut rub, the branches Will be zoned to, fine scratches are inevitable. For a few scratches that ran the repair shop, it Is clearly unrealIstic. 3 Try thIs trick at home, you can repair scratches, do not go to the repair shop, a year save a lot of money.

toothpaste repair method

toothpaste every household has a secret weapon , in addition to cleaning teeth, but also to eliminate the body of minor scratches. The toothpaste Is applied to the local scratch, and then with a rag to wipe, wipe the counter, small scratches slowly dIsappeared. If thIs method did not test the effect, you can try Car scratch repair wax, but also a touch of rubbing, scratches can be wiped off.

There Is a cloth, wipe to be scratched, it Is to nano-scratch cloth. Wherein the liquid material containing nano it, the above rubbing scratches, scratches can be repaired, Will remove the scratches, treated cloth, made of wool, Cache, waxing, coating, can be done, guano, gum, paint oxide layer can use it to wipe, let the body recover When you first view of the light, but also anti-fog yet.

up painting or waxing tools

minor paint damage, waxing hIs own at home, or with up painting, it can be completely eliminated, first with coarse wax, then fine wax, polIsh and can only go mark. Scratches wax, throw on a light, you can go oxide layer, so that the new Car has fundamentally changed color, gloss reduction and restore luster to oxidation, anti-fade, to deal with all kinds of scratches.