Car scratch repair shop to go? Old driver: a tube of toothpaste on the matter resolved, so Why waste money?

to scratch the Car repair shop? Old driver: a tube of toothpaste on the matter resolved, so Why waste money?

Now more and more people are more jealous of their Car, they are often maintained after buying the Car. After all, thIs Is their hard-earned money to buy. Everyone wanted it to be clean. After many people buy a Car, with particular emphasIs on other maintenance Issues, to clean the Car or brush truck. Necessary to use a variety of tools when the Car wash. There are special cleaning agent used, as well as rags, brushes, toothpaste, put it in the Car, but also be able to wash the Car. Many more experienced people often do, many novice drivers do not understand toothpaste can have what effect? It Is not used to brush your teeth do? Why can wash it? Today we look at thIs Issue.

First we look at it for the cleaning action of the Car seat, many Cars are now possible with leather seats, leather seats, if not the owner Will then buy it to replace the leather seats, the main Is thIs seat seems more of a grade, and using up more comfortable. Corresponding to its price Is relatively high, so most people are extra Careful use, but used should note that such a situation Is a long time thIs kind of thing Will change color, it Will turn black. Car scratch repair shop to go? Old driver: a tube of toothpaste on the matter resolved, so Why waste money? ThIs Is a normal situation. And Careful owners Will find.

ThIs case difficult to clean, Is the black stains, it Is not easy to clean. ThIs time toothpaste played a good role, only need to apply it in these parts, and then repeatedly rubbing a few, can be finally cleansed. ThIs allows the seat to restore the original look. I am not feeling a little effort, but it Is very low cost, only need a tube of toothpaste can do. Many people may be, the situation appeared, immediately go to a professional cleaning shop to help them clean, but thIs work Is a live technical, so its cost Is relatively high, can be solved with respect to a tube of toothpaste the question, who would go to the Car wash it?

However toothpaste sometimes also a dIsservice. To say some owners have found toothpaste to clean the scratch effect, the Car Is inevitably some small scratches, paint chips thIs time the situation Will appear, many owners found the toothpaste applied in these places scratches, then It can play a role in up painting, but its role Is not so obvious, but for some small scratches, Is helpful. So many people get used to thIs routine, each time with toothpaste scratches are solved, but there Is a problem, for the color of the Car relatively shallow.

ThIs action toothpaste Is very good, but the color deeper skills Will be a dIsservice. After all, if the toothpaste after rain washed it Will fall, thIs time there Will be scratches, and some of the ingredients of toothpaste which Is harmful to paint, so these scratches sites likely Will keep rIsing. Many owners have spent whooped regret, does thIs little pit. So for some light-colored Car scratch relatively small, it can be solved with toothpaste, but for some dark Car or when large scratches, do not use it. ThIs situation Is best to buy a pen up painting, do it yourself or go back to the repair shop to help them get it.

Here I believe we Will see a surprIse, the original ordinary brushing with toothpaste actually have such a big effect. But it also has some dIsadvantages, when used must be Careful, otherwIse prone to problems. You do on your Car Will use thIs thing?