Car scratch? Do not it silly to spend money to repair! These ultra-practical method Is not money!

I believe a lot of drivers who have thIs feeling: No matter how Careful driving your own Car, no matter how good the technology. Start on the road, there Is always a small knock a small touch of occurrence. Then leave some unsightly scratches Car.

go to a professional repair shop, right, relatively high cost worthwhile. But do not repair it, but also affect the appearance, the Car Will have some damage. Therefore, Xiao Bian today to teach you the recipe, quickly remove scratches, not very practical for money!

First of all, we Will scratch into three major types: tiny scratches; away primer the scratch; scratch was already primed! It can according to the actual situation, choose different ways to better deal with the scratches!

1, fine scratches

minor scratches, refers to the surface finIsh of received minor injuries. In such cases, Xiao Bian recommend everyone in the house has two small props: fine wax, slack wax!

we can be repaired by waxing. Of the vehicle body with a first treated mixture, and then the crude wax inside-out wax, and finally with a fine wax treatment. We can achieve the effect of the removal of tiny scratches!

If the home Is not a candle, do not worry, toothpaste also has the same effect! Apply toothpaste on the scratched area, then towel to wipe a few times, but also to get rid of scratches!

2, primer scratch off

refers to scratch off the primer a larger area scratch. In thIs case, we could go to buy up painting in an ordinary Car shop. According to their model, the color, select the appropriate up painting, the price Will be hundreds of dollars very cheap. Then up painting to repair the damaged site, dry smear, marked with a layer of fine wax, Will be able to completely repair, intact!

3, was already primed scratches

was already primed by means of scratches severe scratches on other parts of the vehicle body. In thIs case, if not timely maintenance, can cause rusting steel plate, then you want to repair Is very troublesome.

Thus, we can use the herbicides applied in the cutting scratch, after a period of time and the like, with a soft paper towel rust agent, rust preventing scratches position again!

Finally, Xiao Bian to remind Is that if you want to repair scratches . The first thing Is to first Carry out cleaning work for their Car. The benefit of thIs Is to keep the paint clean, so as to better Carry out color patches.

knowledge on how to repair scratches, introduced here, and we learn it?