Car repairman skills competition bit by bit

In recent years the country to promote power craftsman, but also have a race around the selection of technical elite, year after year, the US leader in international competitions, winning glory for the people to really, how much more ambition Is aroused youth work overtime every day ecstasy training, but also to invest heavily in the number of vocational schools for the competition here, as I have done the referee, but also to some units and trainers to share skills competition Car repairman skills competition bit by bit.

First: the fairness of the game: Car repairman skills competition no matter what level of the tournament, first of all have to stand fair and equitable position to hold, after all, we are chosen elite, but also for a higher level of recommendation tournament players, you can not be elected players say can achieve good results in high-level competition, at least players results can not be less than style jumping championship, once so, it Will cause a lot of people questioned, Is not present in unfair. So, as competition can really only be fair and impartial public.

(1) the fairness of the game pieces; who want to be fair and equitable to be considered the object of the game, how to be fair and equitable, such as on the device, these players of the game are not very familiar with the Car, if these players are trained, are often the same kind of training model, it probably would not be much difference, but if for Automotive maintenance man in society, there are repair Mercedes-Benz, Audi has a repair, there are repair BMW, Toyota had to repair, but what kind of race Car if the Car Is specified, it Is not the master for these service stations Is not fair? So in the game under different circumstances, we should try to achieve fair.

(2) the fairness of the rules of the game; the object Is to match students or repair shop technicians, vocational competition in vocational, or social sectors mechanic competition for groups are different, the purpose of the game Is the World Series standards, or the selection of provincial technical experts, or whether it Is operating theory, should consider how to be fair and impartial, announced before the game theory test questions, test models before the game announced that the game rules before the game released, scoring criteria publIshed before the game, the game before the release of the staff are all fair and equitable prelude.

(3) Staff of fairness for players, the referee for players who are very critical in the race to pick high theoretical and practical operation skills referee, work conscientiously to ensure that every aspect of the players can know whether the offense, Although the score sheet Is very thin, but with the same equipment, the same players, different referees Will give different scores, to get a fair referee, the referee Will add technical expertIse to do fine on training, so that every the referee can ensure fair and equitable to the players.

Second: the confidentiality of the game: in many places throughout the contest comes to privacy, after all, the announcement of the exam Is a wide range, but in game Is a small range of theory, models, system, points standards, on the confidentiality of the people should be noted that martial if necessary,

(1) requirements for staff confidentiality: technical experts thIs post Is a very critical position, Is also very easy to leak job, after all, the operation of the contest questions are experts set theory Is an expert to select, it should be full members of the Group of martial law, in fact, the most important thing conduct of a member of the expert group. There are referees, the referee once all clear tournament title, it should be full of martial law, can not be in contact with the players, to avoid leaks. There Is a grading system for staff to be able to enter the stadium staff should be Isolated from the outside,

(2) For confidentiality, the project race day players should all players the game Is completed, players race day should be divided into before and after games martial Isolation, never let the players before the game and after the game to meet the communication, in order to prevent leaks.

Third: the civilization of the game: The entire game regardless of the players or the staff, from the speech should be civilized, operating on civilization and civilized action. When judging time, a player’s operation Is very slow, not even, Is the referee’s sentence: consequently Will not also have a race, so angered the players want to beat up the referee in the game, such a scenario Is the referee uncivilized caused finally show uncivilized players, so caution here, either the players or the staff should follow civilized race, civilization work.

Fourth: the safety of the game: Car repairman skill games involve safetyWhole, the organizer should prepare ambulances and ambulance personnel, have good protection in a flammable rotation member, lubricating fluid, battery fluid, gasoline and so easy to cause the accident, the vehicle can be started only not allowed to run, the referee should before the game on safety precautions should always pay attention to the referee to stop the extreme operation, eliminate hidden dangers.

Fourth: the morality of the game: sometimes dinner with friends, talking about the game, it was said that the players are shrouded in mystery, pre-arranged, although I tried to go argue, but can not change their minds, so here, no matter what level of the game, how much design awards and how high the honor, the game should have a moral, not because of personal feelings and interests contrary to the original intention of the game, also sincerely hope that all events are able to be treated equally, fair and equitable to the whole race pure land, let the players for the skill and hard work.