Car repair shop up painting, somehow the extra 60 km, tachograph Secret Truth

we usually driving on the road, it Is inevitable some small accidents can happen. With the Car after age increased, the owners were also anxious not treated the same as a new Car, save more often think of until a few rub, until the time the one-time mended. Mr. Zheng from Kunming recently because the Car up painting to produce a bunch of trouble.

Mr Cheng had thIs Car uses about five years, Is itself an old driver, plus the Car Is also very Careful, so there Is little accident. Some time ago when he accidentally position near the front headlights rub on the wall, a small piece of paint off, just recently have time, so I think the Car to the repair shop near hIs home to fill a paint. After viewing a repair shop owner, Mr Cheng told about 300 you can get, since you can pick up the Car the next day.

at the time Mr. Zheng to go, or else go shop owner asked Mr Cheng Insurance, Cheng troublesome, give the shop owner signed a trust agreement, they help by the insurance. The next day Mr. Zheng pick up truck when the repair shop told him not to deal with, we need to wait another two days.

Cheng reluctantly went back home two days Mr Cheng pick up truck, that small piece of paint have been mended, but new problems have emerged, Mr Cheng Car dashboard dIsplays the number of extra kilometers by 60 kilometers, and there are many other small problem, how can not shut the trunk, rear lamps also pick too. Cheng asked the store owner how exactly hIs Car, completely unaware of the shop owner said.

finally thought of Cheng check their driving recorder, the content recorder, Cheng found hIs Car was open store employees had to go out and when a traffic accident occurs in a very desolate place too, can feel the video very big crash, asked Mr. Cheng took the video shop owner, shop owner said the store may be a repairman out to test the accident occurred.

Mr. Zheng to fill out a paint test also does not understand Why, finally a friend of Mr Cheng told him that these are generally intentional repair shopOperation aimed wants to “potentially fraudulent”, Mr Cheng rush to see their Auto insurance situation, find out more than 7,000 yuan maintenance costs, the money Is entirely operated by the repair shop, they are unaware of yourself, the repair shop Is through power of attorney to handle Cheng these procedures.

dIscovered the truth of Mr. Cheng went to the repair shop owner agreed settlement of the problem, if not the tachograph to restore the truth, it Is estimated Cheng Meng Is now also in the dark.

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