Car repair shop to repair, so Why not take overnight? Old driver finIshed, check the car to go home immediately

With the development of society, people’s living standard Is getting better and better, so there are a lot of people have bought a Car, and thIs people’s lives provides a great convenience, but at what Car on the road a long time Will also be some problems, and then it Will go to s store or repair shop to repair those inside the Car, with the increase in vehicles like about the Car repair industry are also getting better and better, also like to see some of the many Car repair shop on the roadside, If we ride a long life time, then what Is wrong with the Car also appears many owners Will choose to go to those inside the repair shop repair If if the problem Is small, so when you can fix that, if I question slightly larger, then some of the personnel repair shop Will tell you, when my heart Is not good, so we need a few days to come back to take children modeling Do not pick up the Car industry overnight, some owners are also biased towards those words repairman, and then every few days to pick up the Car, but from the back Will feel after taking Like those other sub-problems. Car repair shop to repair, so Why not take overnight? Old driver finIshed, go home immediately check the Car

et out repairs under the Car when the repair shop personnel sometimes tell you the truth up more trouble, and more waste of time, so it Is said not fix it thIs year, or every two days and then come take it, some owners Will be more reassuring to them directly, but wait until they fix when the phone again take over, but when the Car taken back, open up there Is a kind of feeling wrong, and now some owners reflect when the Car drove back, you Will find the Car fuel consumption significantly increases the 4s shop and go back inside to check when they did not check out what the problem Is, what happens then?

Many of the owners of thIs point Is there Is a big question. In fact, thIs Is not just a Car owner experienced, there are many owners are also there. May be inside the repair shop maintenance staff Will put gasoline inside the Car to take away those in the Car repair time, some owners Will think thIs Is not a big deal, and those remaining gasoline Is not worth much, but there are other the reasons may be because there Is some repair shops Will quietly give your Car to change some parts, desalination of steamCar damage Is relatively large. If we change those bad parts traveling on the road when there are also security rIsks, and thIs Will increase the Car’s fuel consumption, let the Car’s lifetime much shorter, in some people and there’s also some aging damage such a situation, when traveling on the road Is very dangerous.

must pay more attention at the usual time, if you go to my Car repair shop repair time, and then there Is encountered such a situation, it Is best not the Car industry on that, if necessary, if true, then it Is best to go to some formal 4s shop or Auto repair shop there would be more secure number.