Car repair shop paint odor pollution villagers living area, painting every day, unpleasant smelling gas, nausea and vomiting

Car repair shop paint odor pollution villagers living area , every day painting , sniffing gas hard Wen , nausea and vomiting , meals Nanyan , long-term nuIsance , seriously affected the normal life of the villagers

Is located in the town of Binh Dinh city provincial highway S285 grass beach Car Jazz Car repair service center and Hongfeng these two aftermarket Auto repair shop every day, painting, foul smelling gas, these two Auto repair centers are open in the living area of ​​the village, behind the City Auto repair center Is put down new rural town of Xinhua Dong Du, and these two Automotive paint shop Is the center of the village in front of the house, the smell of paint Is dIscharged to the living quarters of the villagers, every painting, unpleasant smelling gas, nausea, vomiting, difficult to swallow meals seriously affected villagers normal life, Auto repair center behind the living area there are pregnant women, there are mothers with children, the elderly, so painting every day, sniffing gas unpleasant, smell the pungent odor of these paints, kept hIs mouth foaming spit, eat He could not eat, nausea and vomiting, closed the windows every day, afraid to fight Open, often at night painting, painting smell the odor of nausea, sleep can not sleep, so every day, seriously affected our normal life and live life like a dark, dIsgusting smell of paint seriously affect our body and mind health, we have repeatedly persuade the villagers to these two Auto repair center, but any how do we persuade the villagers, these two Automotive paint or normal painting every day, unpleasant odor stimulus painting every day erode our bodies, more seriously pregnant women living in thIs all day Xunde sniffing paint smell thIs gas could not eat food, sleep can not sleep, kept Tubai Mo hope relevant departments of environmental protection over the process, we villagers requirements of these two centers aftermarket paint factory move away from our living area, but also a healthy and environmentally friendly our villagers living area.