Car repair master said these words, mostly to your routine, pay attention!

old driver said these words, mostly to your routine, pay attention!

Now, with the continuous development of society, more and more families are buying a Car, the Car appears to bring a lot of convenience to our lives, we make travel more convenient, but in everyday life, we have to Carry out maintenance on the Car, once neglected maintenance of the Car, the Car Will be a variety of problems. So, ah, there are many small partners Will be running back and forth garages 4S shops and other places. But you know what? Many repairman and you say something, perhaps to make you spend more money for the Car and did not have any effect, thIs Is the repairman routine for you. Little friends Is not that particularly frightening? Well, today a small heron and everyone Will work together to find out how the repairman routine.

a lot of old Car drivers Will think they drove a long time, the Car’s mileage and more open, there Will be some small problems, so be timely maintenance but more often if you take the Car to the garage to repair, the repair Will be bad, it’s just a matter of time only. To be honest, the old driver said, it Is also true that there are many repairman in the Automotive repair industry, they Will change down from used Car parts installed on your Car, deceptive events of thIs series, let the old drivers off guard.

a deception you do not know the Car

many drivers only drove the Car really not very understanding, which it Is easy to be routine, especially in the Car to the repair factory, are particularly vulnerable to routine, had just a little under the wrong Car, but did not think the Car to a repair center said the problems now being more and more, but in fact are maintenance Is a master of “packages routine”, Is to let you spend more, nothing, of course, in the maintenance of the master there Will be some people prefer routine acquaintances, especially the better the relationship, you Will find a letter between friends live, I Will Kill “cheat” Kill pit, in fact, because you do not know the Car.

Second, the chat-style routine

Many older drivers into the Car repair station and they Will hate through the maintenance of the masterAnd you keep talking, you think that you are concerned about the maintenance of master, greeting you, in fact, set your words, you want to know how much understanding of the Car nothing. So, ah, a small heron that the high cold when necessary to maintain high cold image. To avoid being cheated Oh!

Third, Automobile repair more easily paralyzed

There are a lot of Car people have to get the Car than the individual parts as Is the organ in the human body, was the image of the Car have small problems likened to the human body have cancer, if not treated in time, it would make the cancer cells continue to spread, until I was finally dead, in fact, for the Car it also places like thIs oh, so when repairs to remedy, not blind chaos repair, a not Careful it Will make the problem appear on the whole Car Oh, maybe their Car Will make it happen scrapped.

a routine,

in need of repair when large engineering Auto parts. Car repair master Will not tell you where it needs an overhaul, I Will tell you what the problem Is, but Will not talk to you how to repair. Like the usual transmIssion of such complex large, these large repairs are required, there are strict parameters to decide. Even particularly troublesome in the assembly process, the maintenance of the master Car and you Will avoid thIs series of problems, thus simplifying the problem.

routine Second,

in the maintenance, repair master of the Car Will say to you direct the Car appeared What fault, then broke directly ask price or want to change your accessories, but the cause of the Car broke down and you Will not say, most importantly, take the accessories Will not allow customers to test, it Will give you direct installation to the Car! So, ah, little friends during the time of repair, be sure to own request original accessories ah, to achieve compliance with safety standards oh.

in the daily repair in thIs matter Is to be noted that, in order to avoid unnecessary danger oh