Car repair If you replace these four sites, be sure to take the time away, do not believe it Is worth the money

As people’s living standards improve, we believe that more and more families have already have their own Car. For vehicles, perhaps we also experienced a Car when the problem occurred when we Carry out maintenance or repair on the Car, many consumers can not only focus on Car normal driving? Function of the Car has not been restored? Or the appearance of the Car there Is no loss? Rarely Automobile repair itself as the replaced parts, there Is a reasonable approach. In fact, for the Car itself, the fact itself has several parts Is very important. And itself Is also relatively valuable, so let us after maintenance, vehicle itself should not be taken away.

The first Is a three-way catalyst. The main parts of some metal exhaust gases Carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide mainly for processing. Because of its recyclable features, its price Is considerable, so we consumers, in the process of their Cars for repair, if itself has to be replaced, it can be preserved, or resold some professional The unit.

The second Is a battery. ThIs battery life Is quite long, in general, Is not very prone to bad situation. The reason Is because most of the replacement of low capacitance, meet the requirements for work. Driving a Car needs to be replaced during maintenance person, you can find some place special collection of old appliances, it can be sold for at least a few hundred dollars.

The third Is the old tires and rims. Tires for the Car, because if aging, problems arIse, you can also get the trash for recycling. The old steel ring because if collIsions have some impact, it could be sold for some place to get a good price.

fourth Is air conditioning and generators and compressors. These accessories can get the job market to sell. If it Is bad when servicing Is a single part, we want to change the entire part, then, some parts can be removed with the sale.

The above four components are some of the more valuable portionsParts, although it after use for some time has been damaged, but the old parts Will then sell side has a very high price, many consumers these parts we do not have some of the high degree of attention, especially some young Compare saw its damage without being more seriously, so that the value of the parts themselves were ignored. Later, when we are among Automobile repair process, if you want to replace the above four parts, I believe that you, the reader has seen, so when it encounters must be timely to shelter him up, reducing their consumption loss.