Car repair chain that how marketing? Car repair chain publicity

how the Car repair chain marketing? Car repair chain publicity! For many owners, the Car Is an important part of the family, Car maintenance Is a very important thing. With the increase of private Cars, the development of the Automotive service industry market, drive a Car repair shop more and more entrepreneurs, but when engaged in Auto repair chain stores, very few tourIsts, which Is not mastered the right of publicity two publicity, then let Xiaobian to introduce you to the next Car repair chain !!

the Car repair chain how marketing

a: flyers offline, Newspapers way

Car repair chain when publicity can be flyers sent directly to the local Newspaper portal so that you can dIstribute flyers and get better results. Owners Will think thIs Is a notice in the Newspaper, credibility Will rIse vertically. Do not do flyer paper, nothing special. ThIs Will offend the owner, and was mIstaken for a small ad.

Car repair chain that how marketing

Two: Positioning

locate Car store Is also very important, we must first define our target consumer groups, in order to know our business and customer focus of the project area. For example, the cell Is also divided into the high-end, office space has also been divided, we opened the store, pay special attention to the area of ​​the target population Is located, and meticulous customer to build in the area of ​​a radius of 10 minutes, so as to form a stable tourIsts.

The above Is two ways for you to order small series of publicity Auto repair chain stores, we want to come to the fore in many brands, the brand’s publicity Will certainly not be Careless thing, thIs Is what we should pay attention to, to better analyze specific target groups and areas, targeted propaganda work and analysIs, so as to obtain a stable source, contribute to a better business