Car problems within the warranty period, to the 4S shop Will be able to fix it for free? Insiders: Not necessarily

If there Is a problem with the owner during the warranty period and involve involved, small advice 4S shop owners to buy a Car to go to hIs best. In order to protect the interests of the domestic Automobile consumers, the development of the domestic Auto Warranty policy. Car “three guarantees” policy Is a retail business selling goods to “repair Baohuanbaotui” for short. Under normal circumstances, the owner friends beloved Car warranty can be obtained in accordance with thIs warranty policy. It should be noted that many Car manufacturers or 4S stores have provIsions. If they perform vehicle maintenance or modification in non-designated repair shop, they may not be the warranty. So if our Car had quality Issues, particularly Issues concerning the budget, it Is best to consult 4S shop best.

to pay special attention that the budget Is the so-called quality problem free replacement Car parts or Automotive systems, rather than compensating the owner compensation. In most cases, there Will be compensation only when the recalled vehicles emerge.

If the problem occurs in our beloved Car warranty, we need to drive to the 4S shop inspection. If it Is determined which part of the system or which part of the damage due to its own quality, 4S point Will be spending aftertaste owners friends or replaced. 4S shop maintenance technician Will Carefully check the location of the fault, and confirm the cause of failure Is indeed by some parts of the system itself, or someone caused by the system itself. Maintenance technician Will then notify staff complement and replace parts in the supplementary staff after confirmation.

Finally, Xiao Bian also want to inform you that the owner, if the owner of the vehicle handling quality problems during the warranty 4S shop dIssatIsfied, It could seek help from the business sector or consumer protection associations or media institutions in the case after consultation with the 4 S store failed.