Car problems here, pay attention to the 4S shop maintenance, they must be pits, older drivers Experience

For the vast majority of the owners of a friend, as long as our Car out a little wrong, the first thought Is Auto 4S shop, and I believe quite a lot of friends Will be the first time the Car Will send Auto 4S shop to be repaired, but be aware that Auto 4S shops are required profitable, but if you encounter some of the black heart of the 4S shop, the routine Is deep.

For example, if we Car steering wheel vibration occurs such a case, 4S stores are generally routine cleaning of the throttle valve, there Is no use to see ? If it Is useless, then replace the spark plug and the ignition coil, done that even if somehow, set down Will waste a lot of money, which Is still relatively good, if it Is true that pits the store, directly to you replace the engine , thIs Is not a small cost, in fact, like the Car thIs problem, it Is not the root cause of Automobile engines, although the change of the engine can be repaired, but replacement parts and replacement of the engine which Is more profitable to believe needless to say.

In fact, the emergence of thIs failure, we should learn to judge, if the tachometer normal operation, it means that the engine Is running our Car Is stationary, that engine itself Is no problem, thIs problem Is usually claw machine within our engine pad damaged, with our spark plugs, ignition coil throttle these parts are not related, for thIs situation because we claw machine engine pad aging rupture, causing the engine damping problems, so that the engine can also follow Akira, finally led to engine shake the steering wheel, so that we have a sense of shock at holding the steering wheel.

know where the generation source of thIs phenomenon, we only need to remedy thIs machine paw pads, usually installed in the middle of the engine and the body that plays a the role of the body and connected to the engine, because there Will be little vibration generated when the engine Is started and work Is starting on the chicken pad acts as a shock absorber, if he go wrong, we Will feel the vibration when the steering wheel, because thIs machine paw pads are rubber products, directly to replace the old substitute a new line, the price Is very cheap, so not only can save a lot of money for the owners friends, you can also make owners more aware of their Car, in addition, here add that replacement paw pads must beSelect the original, because the original gum softer, damping effect Is more obvious. I do not know your little friends on the 4S shop maintenance solution What better opinion? Comments welcome below, thank you for reading.