Car parts to repair equipment to be split for no reason other car 4S shop a strong attitude: the demolition of which I have the final say

saying sometimes buy a Car as people really do not worry, the light of the annual insurance, fuel, parking, maintenance and other expenses, for the average working families Is spending a small fortune. If the money can work it does not matter, you can sometimes spend money Is not necessarily good things. I believe many Car lovers to see thIs report, certain employees of private repair shops to open customer traffic accident Car accident occurred out, causing serious damage to the Car, etc., thereby repair shop gives the impression that it would become “the next three “as vehicle sales, service, spare parts supply and information feedback as one of the 4S shop to become a service industry,” the three “do? Consider the following example to clear, for no reason demolIshed Car parts to repair, to install other Car, 4S shop a strong attitude: where I removed the final say.

Ma Liupanshui of a traffic accident due to the Careless driving, resulting in damage to the front of hIs Car, the respective members including a front bumper, hood and the like before varying degrees of damage, while the Car Is in need of repair parts of the front part, the rest does not matter. Due to the need of sheet metal and painting and other processes, therefore Ma Car temporarily stored in the 4S shop for some time, the two sides agreed one week after the delivery of the Car. Since the 4S shop requires maintenance of vehicles more than the Taiwan Ma, requiring a week Is reasonable, Mr. Ma Will leave after the two sides reached consensus and Issued a lIst of repairs.

A few days later, when Mr. Ma Is just passing through the 4S shop things, to see hIs Car under repair to what extent, then went to the repair shop I see a bit. ThIs look does not matter, Ma found himself on the right side taillight Ford Car was gone, and repair of the front almost all the same, but thIs taillights where to go, and did not involve taillight Issued at the time when the lIst Is not Ma thought the 4S shop unauthorized maintenance projects adds, when delivery of the vehicle deliberately say something wrong with the Car taillights have been replaced, when you tell the.

Mr. Ma took the lIst to find the repair shop steward, the person in charge, then forced Mr. Ma alarmed, the 4S store official said, Mr. Ma the Car’s taillights were removed to install them to other customers of the Car. Because the store Is temporarily no Car taillights, and that the customer also needs exactlyReplace the taillights, but Why and anxious Car, just Mr. Ma Car taillights to match the customer Car, so he removed to install the Car to the customer. When Mr. Ma expressed 4S shop practice illegal, should not split their tail lights to fill a vacancy, 4S shop responsible person expressed a strong attitude: I parked here, where I removed the final say, and other accessories to give you it wants to press on, to ensure that you can put the Car on time on the line, what Is it.

At thIs time, Ma feel they have been infringed, obviously hIs Car 4S shop was any “mercy” If I had not just met today, who You Will know which parts to put hIs Car demolIshed it, just think about the psychological stuck. The 4S shop but superficial gesture of help when we store a favor, but others should be more urgent. Ma said that next time Will have to have thIs, who knows what you have not put on other parts of my Car to replace it, thIs behavior has constituted theft, without notice to the owner of the unauthorized demolition of parts “sold “other people, it Is clear that the theft of stolen goods behavior must be judicial settlement, while third-party testing organization to find the Car re-tested again to prevent the Car other original pieces are perpetrating a fraud.

to see Ma’s attitude Is very firm, 4S shop said he immediately conduct unstructured, such an approach Is against the interests of Mr. Ma, and said they would Mr. Ma to install a new taillights, and it Will be some compensation, but has not promIsed to find a third-party testing organizations identified. And Ma even more doubt on the 4S shop approach, they suspect that more than split their tail lights, there may also be other secretly replaced the original spare parts of the Car. To thIs end the two sides launched a consultation and communication on compensation Issues, Ma represents for their own interests Will not make concessions, if the 4S shop can not give a satIsfactory answer certainly go a judicial solution.

by Ma of experience, we are not feeling 4S shops are also not so “official”, Will be Carrying a Car trunk some “under the extremely poor,” the thing, thIs “Diandaqike” behavior obviously back consumer protection law. For some petty damage to reputation Is not that also losing customers, more harm than good in the long run, there Is no word who Will come to the store to do maintenance. All know that the current vehicle sales 4S shopThe sale of profit Is very low, mostly rely on after-sales service to make up, and now on sale so daring it not in regret.

It would appear that some 4S shops and repair shops are also a number of no dIstinction, for the benefit of anything capable out, casually customer Car to go out, lightly Removing the customer Car parts, these illegal operations Is a step to push themselves to close down the abyss. Here also suggest that the majority of riders try to select some qualified stores in the choice of repair shop, I try to be present at the service, if you encounter such a situation, Mr. requires the Car into the shop for some time, it should also take the time to check what to avoid being the hands and feet. We also hope 4S shop repair shop Ye Hao, can credit management.