Car parked roadside ditch 4s shop called unprovoked slip undetected failure to refuse service

a good Car parked on the road, but slid into the ditch. 4s shop repair process represents the Car did not check fails, refuse service, consumers thought that the Car Is not the fault How could there be such incidents, both sides argued. Consumers said the electronic handbrake failure could endanger the safety of consumers driving, Why Is there such a problem, hope that manufacturers and 4s shops can give us a reasonable explanation. 4s shop said that if the failure to detect a fault code in order to prevail, only a fault code Will be able to judge what the problem Is.

Zhangdian the people around Mr. Xu in December 2019, purchased a Car from 580 Dongfeng scenery Is located on the Avenue of Zibo Jin Jing Wei Shun Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.. On February 28 thIs year, Mr. Xu Will be parked in a small slope, turn off lock your Car after hIs own departure, should start the Automatic braking function of the electronic parking brake, but I do not know what the reason there has been failure phenomenon. Causing the vehicle slipped into the ditch, the front bumper of the Car also appeared damaged. “At the time I had left the Car about 10 minutes or so, someone called to tell me my Car fell into the ditch. I think before the sales staff told me that electronic parking brake after parking the Car Is started Automatically, how Will fall . ditch, “Xu told Reporters:” I came to the scene and found the front really fell into the ditch I went to the staff and Zibo Wei Shun Automobile sales Co., Ltd. made contact, the staff told me to look at. failure to see the Car lights are not bright, I look after the Car did not find any fault situation occur, then I contacted the staff Car tow trailers up. later dIstant scenery Dongfeng Automobile Trade franchIse store staff also contact me had asked fault condition of the vehicle, something just because they tell each other the past few days 4s shop to test and maintenance. “

March 2, Mr. Xu Will sell the Car to the shop for testing after Mr. Xu’s staff Will be put on the Car for a test slope, Mr. Xu found the Car really lit the lamp failure. Mr. Xu said: “At that time the staff told me that the test results are a security rIsk vehicle electronic parking brake Is not working, but you do not repair, they let us go the dIstance scenery franchIse stores Dongfeng Automobile Trade Zhangdian spring road maintenance but dIstant steam. trade Dongfeng scenery franchIse store staff said there was no post-test questions, not give us repaired. my daughter toldDongfeng Automobile Trade dIstant scenery franchIse stores, said service personnel when there Is a failure to detect the lights of the video as evidence. But the staff explained that the video can only prove that the vehicle Is now in a state park, and do not represent a failure of the electronic handbrake, and now have light does not shine, so do not give maintenance. “Ultimately, dIstant scenery franchIse stores Dongfeng Automobile Trade Car from the slope represents the consumer Is no evidence that slipped into the ditch with the hand brake failure related to damaged bumper and Will not be repaired and compensation.

12 morning, Reporters and Mr. Xu and hIs daughter came to buy a vehicle outlets Zibo Wei Shun Automobile sales Co., Ltd. together in the interview, surnamed Zhang repair shop teacher told Reporters:. “Xu was to shop indeed found in detection of electronic handbrake failure phenomenon, but because the trip computer or other causes not clear. “Subsequently, the store a responsible person surnamed Dong said:” We Will contact Car manufacturers to bring the Issue up to submit a written report, waiting for vendors to give back or arrange technical personnel to solve thIs problem. You should be able to have a reply within 2-3 days. But in the meantime, Mr. Xu Car must be placed in the store. “After

TUNG get a reply, Mr. Xu and hIs daughter on the sale of the vehicle left the store the same day at 11 am, Ms Xu Contact Reporter again:.” Just east manufacturers called to tell me that we repair shop in the morning now Is not wind off the 4s shop, a shop Is the only Zhangdian wind off the far 4s shop. Then I contacted the staff Which shop in the morning, they said I drove away. If you are here to bear the cost of repairing a Car yourself. “

afternoon 13:30 Xu, Reporters and Mr. Xu and hIs daughter came to the store again TUNG told Ms Xu:.” ThIs year did not sign the contract with the manufacturers, so shop has no longer bear the maintenance work of the vehicle. And we’ve also changed its name to store regarded as a Car repair shop on “Jingdong Mall Car” in nature. You buy a Car Zibo Wei Shun Automobile Sales Co., not one. “

as to Why the store did not inform Mr. Xu in thIs case in advance, Mr Tung told Reporters:” I also learned that morning, and I came here not long, a lot of things and unclear. But already contacted the wind off the far 4s shop, you can go directly to the other side. “

14:30 pm, Reporters and Mr. Xu and hIs daughter came to the scene from afar Dongfeng Automobile Trade franchIse stores. Store staff saw the arrival of Mr. Xu, Mr. Xu immediately to the Car were tested. However, the detection results are still not detect any malfunction. A person in charge of the shop, Mr. Wang told Mr. Xu: “At present, thIs vehicle still could find nothing wrong here, so we have no way to give you service.” Mr. Xu said the morning dealer service personnel have himself admitted vehicles the brakes once had problems, so Why 4s shops do not recognize it? Wang responded by saying, 4s shop Is detected trouble codes prevail, only a fault code Will be able to judge what the problem Is. Manufacturers to make a written report of the problem, we also need to fill out the fault code. “

for how to resolve the matter, Mr. Wang said:” Today I also had to communicate and manufacturers, there are two options, one Is Mr. Xu Will be able to save all of the evidence to we copy, we reported the problem in the form of feedback to the manufacturers, the manufacturers to see how to solve, takes about 2-3 days. Another Is Mr. Xu resolve itself in the form of insurance. “

Mr. Xu said:” ThIs thing Is because the vehicle caused their own problems, so we Will be all the evidence to the 4s shop, let them communication and manufacturers. In addition, the electronic parking brake failure could endanger the safety of consumers driving, Why Is there such a problem, hope that manufacturers and 4s shops can give us a reasonable explanation. “

Reporters then consulted the relevant lawyer, the lawyer said:” ThIs event Is the biggest focus Is whether the failure of the vehicle happens, the consumer gather good evidence suggested that the local consumers Association complaints or mediate the matter. Alternatively, you can choose to go the legal way to solve thIs problem. “

(Qilu Evening News Qilu One point Reporter Hu Quan)