Car “paint” Is very important, it Is generally divided into several? What’s the difference?

in life, the Car Will provide you the convenience of not small, do not need to go out when the crowded bus crowded subway, go out to play, they also do not bother to grab votes. However, sometimes it makes the Car owners a headache. Now rIsing oil prices, many owners complain incessantly, there Is the maintenance costs, spending a large sum every year, in the face of rIsing Car costs, Car owners should have some knowledge about the Car, the Car has been so expensive after all , and can not afford to waste money.

when buying a Car, Car owners may all tangled in many places, for example, would buy what color the Car Is better, many owners are undecided . Finally selected the color of the Car, the staff would probably say that thIs Is metallic paint, need to pay more money, thIs Is Why? Metallic and Non-metallic paintwork What are the advantages compared to it? First, let’s introduce the classification of some of the paint. In general, common paint into the paint, metallic paint and pearlescent paints three. So, the Car “paint” Is very important, it Is generally divided into several? What’s the difference?

Is divided into three steps common paint during painting, the first step Is to spray paint, paint the color of the second step Is a spray, the final step Is varnIsh. Non-metallic paintwork, also known as solid colors, follow these three steps Is sprayed to the body, there Is no doping other things. ThIs Is the most basic kind of paint, the most common. Typically the colors are white, black, and red, the color of a single, low cost, paint Is soft, prone to scratches, and also a long time oxidation dIscoloration.

Metallic common paint and the difference Is that metallic paint added to the metal powder in the sun, the body can see sparkle, different angles perspective Will have a different feeling, color Is very rich and full. ThIs makes the metallic paint color Is not very pure, white, black, red Is not a pure white, black, red, but appear to be pearl white, black and burgundy. Having a layered color, paint quality hard and difficult to be scratched, there Is a strong antioxidant corrosion resIstance.

pearl finIsh and the difference Is that the common paint pearlescent mica particles added to the lacquer. As we all know, there are reflective mica, in the sunlight Will seeDifferent colors, the vIsual effect Is great. So, pearl paint with rich color, looks more luxurious, highly reflective, hard paint quality, strong anti-oxidation corrosion resIstance. However, due to the special nature of the material, once the pearl of body paint scratches, repair it Is more difficult, and costly, but also prone to chromatic aberration. If the owners want to buy relatively pure color, you can choose common paint. If you like rich colors, you can choose metallic paint, but Is also more durable. As pearlescent paint, you can rely on their own preferences to choose, if you like brilliant colors you can consider pearlescent paint.