Car overheated generator must be handled with care, it Is best to go to the repair shop for check-ups

engine overheating how to do Car Is most likely to occur when the engine overheating in traffic jams. Therefore, we pay special attention to the thermometer readings.

If the temperature gauge pointer slowly near the red area, or temperature indicator Is flashing, the controller attempts to direct the hot air adjusted to “heating” position, and the amount of modulation lookout “maximum” – which may be a heat engine. If the temperature does not drop down, and even continue to rIse, then quickly drove to a safe place to pull over and turned off the engine.

If it Is found from the steam coming out of the engine cover, the pull over as soon as possible. Before the steam stops coming out, do not open the engine cover.

If the engine hatch Is no longer emitting steam, open the engine hatch and let steam “run out” and wait for the engine to cool. Overheated engine cooling takes a long time, you have to wait until a half hour, the engine temperature drops to within the normal range.

Check coolant leaks – coolant typically fluorescent color, and Will evaporate when the temperature Is high. If a leak occurs, quickly called for help.

After the temperature of the engine down, if there Is no significant coolant leakage phenomenon, check the coolant level – above the coolant level may ” max “mark line. If the coolant level Is normal, there Is no leak, then it Is safe to continue driving. But should always pay attention indicating thermometer! If the coolant level Is low, the fill put it, may temporarily use clean water. If all of the coolant are exhausted, when the engine Is still warm state, do not raIse any cold water to the cooling system, otherwIse it Will damage the engine.

as soon as possible to drive the Car repair shop to get a checkup.