Car out of these failures, do not worry sent to repair shops, yourself can solve!

Car out of these failures, do not worry sent to repair shops, yourself can solve!

With the rapid development of our national economy, people’s living conditions have been improved significantly, and now people life Is also getting better and better, so a lot of people in order to facilitate their usual travel, Will also choose to buy a private Car to do a means of transport, you can imagine how you feel, for us, Is also a relatively common thing. After recent years of development of the Automotive industry Is also very fast, but competitive pressure among peers Is relatively large, so in order to attract the attention of consumers, the major Car firms are also employed every means, buy a new Car , vehicle owners for their vehicles are very love, so while driving are also very Careful, but even if our vehicles in love, not as spend some time, good to look at hIs Car. We all know that the Car in which the process of moving once again there have been some failures, large and small, after all, the Car Is also part of machinery made, so these problems are unavoidable.

Many people have found their own vehicles there have been some problems, the first thought Is to take their vehicles to a repair factory for repair, maintenance, plant in the maintenance divIsion Is also very professional, but sometimes some minor problems, if sent to the repair shop, then also need to spend a small fortune in expenses, so we might as well give the money saved, you can solve yourself. Today, with everyone talking Is the topic. Car out of these failures, do not worry sent to repair shops, yourself can solve! Below these small problems do not need to waste money on repair factory, we are able to successfully solve their own, here, we take a look at how to deal with these Issues now.

1, when the ignition key Is screw fixed

thIs case, when many owners believe are in the Car met, in fact, the principle Is very simple, but most likely Is because your Car starts anti-theft feature, thIs time to the steering wheel lock only, in fact, encountered such a situation, we do not need to tighten the hard drive key, after all, likely Will give the Car keys broken, thIs time we just need meWhile gently turn the steering wheel look, while screwing the Car keys can be very easy to solve such problems.

2, the Car beat the fire

If you just bought a new Car or a Car, placed for a long time did not open the case, thIs time beat the fire appeared situation Is very normal, so we need not worry, and immediately sent hIs Car to repair shop directly to their batteries are fully charged you can, because the new Car thIs time not a long time to open the Car turned into electricity are not quite enough, and we need to find a way to look for a connection on another Car ride your energy battery, fully charged can be solved.

3 Car makes strange noIses,

A lot of people while driving, once the occurrence of abnormal sound heard Car also it Will be very sensitive, afraid of their own vehicles there Is a problem. For example, a manual transmIssion Car linked to p file when it Will Issue a “da da” sound, step on what Will be loud, so many owners also bring their own vehicles Is not what the problem, it Is merely because electromagnetic valve Issue at work to the sound of it, if you hear the sound while driving every day, but that Is going to good to check and see where there Is a problem. Now when driving experience these problems, do not worry sent to the repair shop, ask yourself can be solved, I do not know what else can own hands to solve the problem? Welcome to Xiao Bian message to share.