Car open to the 4S shop repair, find accessories to get the vehicles was actually inferior products: transport damage!

Car breaks down, it Is necessary to repair, which Is we all know the reason. Recently, the Dongguan Mr. Huang in the Car on the way home, underbody foreign body was suddenly crashing.

driver Mr Wong said that when he was behind a dump truck, I do not know what the Car fell down, the road itself Is still a problem. Later, I heard bang bang, you get off the view. It found damaged in the cold deformation, and also find a way back air conditioning Is not cooling. So, Mr Wong Will call the insurance company’s telephone report Bingo, they drove the Car to the insurance company designated repair shop 4S.

A few days later, 4S shop to call Mr. Wong go for a drive, and when Mr. Huang drove the Car back only to find something wrong. He said, had damaged the intercooler concave place now looks though Is new, but Is the same as the side in place, I felt wrong, I suspect they are cutting corners. For example, they repair to heavy beams, and did not follow the standard to repair, and no painting.

can be seen from the lIst of repair, replacement and maintenance costs in the cold cold network Is 1891 yuan, but Why after the replacement parts Will appear depressed it? According to the 4S shop to say that parts of the collIsion damage in transit. But Mr Wong believes that thIs behavior Is related to the potentially fraudulent.

Subsequently, Wong reported the case to the local industrial and commercial bureau, the person Is given a refund 1,300 yuan, and maintenance program again, but ultimately did not talk rope. Later, Trade and Industry Bureau was gone, 4S shop they changed their mind, saying that 1300 Is not refundable, to come to the shop for repair.

At present, Mr Wong said that it Is still under dIscussion. If the negotiation fails, we Will take legal proceedings to resolve. Xiao Bian that, even industrial and commercial departments have been involved, hoping the two sides can settle quickly.