Car oil changes should choose 4S shops, auto repair shop or buy online?

Car oil changes should choose 4S shops, Auto repair shop or buy online?

Where better vehicle maintenance in the end Is a lot of riders Will be considered, personal recommendations within the warranty period of the Car or to the 4S shop maintenance best, if such a vehicle quality problems 4S shop can give you a free repair.

High 4s shop price, not necessarily the product Is no transmIssion of the dIsease, now Is the original oil was everywhere, as well as directly inside their own irrigation. So no matter where oil Is selected, first choose a reliable brand, as big brands can be found in Fortune 500 companies, they have the advantage of crude oil, have their own base oils, finIshed lubricants Is only a small part of the business . Slightly smaller brands do not have the advantages of raw materials can only be procured people, so they rely on technology to eat. The remaining brands are not looking for large OEM companies Is their point of purchase materials, buy lubricant formulations, their deployment about.

routine maintenance: It Is recommended to choose a regular Auto repair shop, or buy genuine oil in the brand’s flagship store, are possible. The core Is that you should be able to identify what Is normal, it Is recommended to learn more about oil-related knowledge, to master certain oil brand awareness, know how to query security. Major maintenance: It Is recommended back to the 4S shop, because its parts, oil has some protection, because major maintenance generally need to be replaced more parts, check all parts, master 4S shop to do a type of Car every day, for vehicles Some of the conditions Will be more certainty.

out of the warranty period, and he Is a little understood condition, you can buy a suitable label oil, and brand filter in Lynx oil flagship store and large to the roadside a little repair shop, oil filter change, the price ranging from 30 to 60, and called simple view safe pieces. What Is the security piece? Tires, brakes, steering, suspension. If the proposed change, and ask Why, ask them to explain to you understand, and replaced the back. For example: the tire to the safety line yet? Brake pads to 2 mm yet? Steering rod ball or balance ball Is broken? The oil shock Is it?

online shopping: the price Is cheaper, there are two ways:To Auto repair shop can help change the oil, Auto repair shops charge labor costs; they Will also one Is that you change the oil, change yourself.