Car mild scratch how to deal with? Older drivers: do not go to the repair shop, these three methods can

Now the number of Cars in our country Is in constant increase among so for many owners, in the course of traveling the road Will inevitably encounter some traffic jam situation, although actually to us life Is a big change, but also increase the number of vehicles to the management of the transport sector increased by a certain degree of difficulty, because of traffic jams do indeed belong to the order of the day, especially in the evening peak period Is often able to meet the If accidentally rubs the case, then it Is possible there Will be, so there are many owners encounter thIs situation when, but also must take these rubs to deal with, but in fact if the Car paintwork true there have been some small problems virtually scratch, we also can be resolved, but in fact, as we have said, these three also belong to the Car paint mild scratches. Car mild scratch how to deal with? Older drivers: do not go to the repair shop, these three methods can be.

The first aspect Is that we can have a direct use toothpaste to solve minor scratches, which means no scratches to the paint, but in fact look if there Is vIsible injuries, so that scratches in the end should be how to deal with it? In fact, for handling such a small scratch, as long as a preparation toothpaste on it, we can put the toothpaste directly applied at the local scratch, and then evenly rubbed, but in fact thIs method Is only applicable to relatively shallow color of the vehicle, for those black vehicles Is not much effect, if thIs time you have some special professional Will be best wax, Car wax Is absolutely alternative to toothpaste, but the effect Is very good.

The second aspect Is you can use up painting pen, up painting Is actually for those sCars and there Is not much place for effective treatment, but thIs time Is also sure to pick a good color because some paint up painting and also has a relatively large color difference, but for us it Is also possible to directly consult the special master to do the decoration, they also may be Willing to tell you fill paint pen, although it Is more convenient to use, but actually has a number of shortcomings, if a long time so there Will be shedding some cases, if the spread Is not uniform, Will also affect the aesthetic appearance of the Car paint , so we want to useUp painting, it Is best to find a more professionally decorated chef, they help you painted what Is the best.

The third nail polIsh can be used, nail polIsh Is indeed a very magical presence, its main component Is matched with a variety of nitrocellulose variety of chemical solvents being made, but in practice these are relatively high molecular solvents are also readily volatile, but also there Is no corrosion, a layer of polymer film Is particularly easily formed, but for the owner, if you the above vehicle accidentally had some scratches, moIsture in the air also can produce some chemical reaction directly below these metal scratches and paint, so it Is possible to make your Car rust, if thIs time with some of the nail polIsh scratches applied directly at the vehicle body, it can effectively block the iron body and contacting the air, and the vehicle body can effectively prevent generation of rusting, in fact it belongs to a paint nail polIsh, nail polIsh to penetrate scratch place, as it can play a very good role in filling the gap like paint.

so that there Is a mild paint scratches encountered, then we also can effectively sort out with three or more methods, do not know you ordinary life there Is no other small coup it, welcome in the comments section below the comments and dIscuss with us.