Car maintenance to the 4S shop or outside repair shop? Old driver said big truth, the difference Is not as big

vehicle maintenance to the 4S shop or outside repair shop? Old driver said big truth, the difference Is not as big! We all know we bought a Car and doubtless to maintenance, 4s shop owners to buy a Car after the vehicle sales Will basically say better to do maintenance on the inside 4s shop, of course, there Will be the so-called old driver tell you, 4s shop side lie, particularly black, are pits you, so do not go to buy their own parts to do the maintenance on the outside, in fact, it Is the same, for novice drivers, they certainly Will feel very tangled, maintenance in the end want to go to 4s shops inside it?

here Is actually divided into two parts, the warranty period recommended for novice owners 4s shop or go inside to do maintenance, because if our vehicles in case the What problem Is the need to enjoy the service of a claim, then the service advIsor Will also see the maintenance records of the Car, if it Is time to Carry out maintenance in the 4s shop inside, found no problems, Will soon give you a free replacement and maintenance, but if do not find in it 4s shop maintenance records, they Will be required to repair shop owners to provide a certificate of qualification, maintenance certificate of the vehicle as well as a lIst of replacement parts easy to say, but the actual operation Is quite troublesome, so that vehicle warranty period suggested that Car, or go to 4s shops inside maintenance, do not be too tangled up.

then when our vehicles over the claim of no constraint in thIs regard, for Car owners like how to choose? 4s shop maintenance price Is actually more expensive than the repair shop, which Is we all know things, but inside the shop 4s accessories are original, but also a warranty, so that we can be assured it Is on the other hand 4s repair shop, but also to regularly receive training in technical capacity of its own brand vehicles, Will be more professional than the general repair shop, of course, we also know that, except you have to buy their own parts to informal channels, but also more reliable, or that they know repair shop, then you can go outside to do the maintenance.

So those now on the market for counterfeit oil filter and a variety of Auto parts Is also more special warranty period, if you do not shop 4s which maintenance Is also possibleBut we must find a qualified repair shop for maintenance, if caught in counterfeit poor quality oil in your engine, Is really very serious consequences, then in such a situation Will severely damage our engine, low-grade oil filling more special events, you can also check it on the internet.

4s shop advantage in fact, Is a professional and reliable spare parts, comfort, and really out what kind of problems, 4s shop are afraid to complain, basic also it Will be the solution for customers, so that as long as the maintenance of 4s shop price in your acceptable range, or whether it Is not recommended that you have a shelf life, we still maintain the peace of mind which Is more 4s shop fly If you think that Will pit 4s shop customers, on what basIs Will not feel out of the repair shop cheat How about you?