Car maintenance to the 4S shop, or in the repair shop?

Car Care should go to 4S shop maintenance, maintenance or repair shop out of it? ThIs topic has always been a key topic of dIscussion Car owners, but can be divided into two versions: one Is the 4S shop maintenance can ensure the quality of degrees, another way of saying that Is outside of the selected maintenance repair shop maintenance, save time and money. In fact, the two statements have some truth, but there are some data to support. But still want to be treated in accordance with specific conditions.

1, the new Car

absolutely new Car in the 4S shop for maintenance, because the vehicles are there a warranty , and many maintenance free vehicle delivery times are very common at the time of purchase. ThIs Is certainly not the most important, the most important thing a new Car quality assurance Issues, such as the engine for several years may have problems with warranty and replacement, 4S shop if not within the specified maintenance, warranty and these are not enjoying replacement , so enjoy these “welfare” of the premIse Is the maintenance of the 4S shop.

If the new Car to do maintenance at the repair shop, you would not be able to enjoy free maintenance for three years and 100,000 kilometers (most vehicles warranty and quality assurance) quality assurance. So basically a new Car Is recommended 4S shop maintenance, and do not leave things to chance, and many people believe that the owner of the repair shop or a friend are all familiar with, but the things they are innocent, because no one can guarantee that the vehicles when “strike.” So out of the question, it Is not a simple fix, and if the engine and other Issues, can only their own money up.

more than 2, 4-year Car

more than four years of Car you can choose repair shops outside maintenance, since more than four years of basically boil out of the Car, where problems have been several owners of the heart. And outside of working hours, fees and repair shop routine inspection costs, are far better than the 4S shop costs much cheaper, and many routine operations owners can be resolved. Such as oil changes, filter, air filter and so can be manually operated hIs own, which Is more reducing maintenance costs.

Many Auto repair shops Will be pulled through a portion of the amount of activity, but thIs time the owner can sell regular maintenance.And a lot of the repair shop and 4S shop operating processes are processes and routine maintenance are the same, as long as the vehicle Is some knowledge of common sense can be assured in the repair shop maintenance. Unless it Is to replace some of the tires, belts, spark plugs, etc., but those in which the Internet can be found better results, you can request a repair shop according to their needs to be replaced.

However, as the cooling liquid, water glass, wipers, etc. are by their operation can be completed. In summary, small advice 4S shop maintenance in the first three years of the time, as much as possible the number of regular inspection and maintenance of the master judge by speaking clearly, as long as it Will not be often ask, they Will not speak to yourself, so that both can learn the simple theory of knowledge some vehicles, but also put some simple repair techniques and maintenance skills Xue Daoshou, what problems can be solved after themselves, you do not need to run 4S shop or repair shop processing .

repair shops and maintenance time, too, often ask some questions, especially in many of the basic Issues and thorny problems encountered. Do simple judgment on the vehicle and the lifting of a failure, Why not? So vehicle maintenance to the 4S shop or repair shops and maintenance, the most important thing of course, whether the vehicle belongs to a new Car or a used Car, be treated differently.