Car maintenance to the 4S shop or general repair shop? Select the appropriate place to keep a car, help car

you are to the 4S shop or general maintenance Car repair shop? Choose the right Car repair place, there Is help on the Car

It Is believed that there are many small partners of the Car was fascinated, especially for various brands of Cars are familiar with the estimate, Cars on the big brands are very popular and loved. As for minor edits around, many people think that buying a Car Is a very big deal. They have to think twice, compared with each other, and then select the most cost-effective, the most suitable for their Cars. Car you, after you buy, you Will find only the first step in the long march of the Car. Because the rest of the maintenance work Is still a long way to go.

editors think, uh Car and almost everyone else fine, after all, we have a lot of complex building components, construction plays a huge role in our body, it Is indIspensable . Thus, each part needs to remain in good condition, and he Is in perfect condition for a long period of time, so that the entire Car to light, longer life. So we need a lot of effort to maintain the Car. So, you need to know something about Car maintenance knowledge to protect your health.

Many beginners just to buy a Car, White was brainwashed major 4S shop, but they should go to maintenance and repair of the original Car, so tall. In particular, some American luxury Cars. In fact, for most Car owners and Car repair and maintenance Is also no way. Question a little bit. We are very concerned about the problem. So whenever there Is some small knock the gun, they always 4S Automobile repair shop first reaction. Many of the Issues on the Car, there are some small problems, we do not need to 4S shop repair. There are so many new Car owners to maintain the mystery of the obsession with the original Car. Back to the 4S shop feel at home. but. Usually no more than a year so much, many owners Will feel some faint not good. These shared all 4S shop maintenance. You go to three hospitals, like a fever, it Is too uneconomical. ThIs time we need to control the activities of the purse to stop traffic.

How can we save vehicle maintenance costs? In fact, too. Very simple. It Is estimated that many Car friends regularly go to some Car party. At that party, there are many Cars have friends like you models. When you sit together and chat, you can chat. In fact, thIs Is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of vehicle maintenance. By sharing these owners and friends, you can easily get a lot of advice on Car repair shop. These Auto repair shop in some of them can be really technical. 4S shop technology better than poor. In fact, these screening Auto repair shop Is very simple. You just need it. Usually I drive past thIs store, take a look at their store when I commute there are many similar Cars. ThIs shows that hIs family was really good at repairing thIs Car. You can trust your friends do not deceive you.

The second point Is, you have to look at the size of their Car repair shop, look at hIs record, the size of the region, as well as some of the working conditions and health conditions. From the superficial view, can be roughly know about the level of the Auto repair shop. For example, if you see stop at thIs store Car, most Cars are a vehicle, indicating that the store service Is good for thIs Car, but can also prove owner of the store Is a people. And on thIs model Is the master.

it Is to look at another kind of store with the maintenance of such supplies. What Is there in the bottle? If hIs shop with the kind of oil Is very cheap, you can basically, because after all, if the oil Is not good, we can judge hIs house maintenance Is relatively poor. But if he has a rich selection of products, then he should be equipped with more advanced Europe and petroleum products, or uh the first year of all new oil bottle Japanese system. If you have, that means it Is a very good shop.

ThIs can be explained. The store owner Is a man, he can really help you and help you through your oil condition and preferences. Compared to traditional 4S repair shop, most of the models are rigid, fixed packages, only a few packages, your options are fairly short, but then, out of thIs maintenance, while relatively Profile relatively wide range of options, you can and according to their own favorite model. Other aspects to help you select the most appropriate maintenance mode. For some owners of which often go to those four S shop maintenance Is relatively refreshed three concept.

The most important thing Is to look at the quality of construction. You go to an Auto repair shop most important Is the quality of their structure. In fact, some Auto repair shop, particularly those of a franchIse brandCar repair shop, tend to have higher skills competitor repair factory, and has a more profound technical skills in the repair, because if they do not have these skills, they can not do anything. Details of the establIshment, so for maintenance of certain products and Cars, go to some shops, but their daily maintenance Will always be a deeper and more complete than the 4S shop. Boss store. They also adopted the technology and they have been considered some optimization tools to help you improve your Car, which Is higher than the 4S shop maintenance efficiency. more perfect. In thIs way, your Car maintenance costs reduced by about half.

The other thing Is how to identify an Auto repair shop. You need to go to the store and see what their service Is that you can talk to them, because in so many Auto repair shop, inevitably, some of them not by bragging built. So you can talk to them. If they want to talk to you, they want you to add a lot of Auto parts, modifications, so. For the unknown no practical use, but it looks cool cool. In fact, these things are completely useless, and even may have some impact on the performance of your Car. If they recommend you always wanted to shop for these items, then you basically can walk around in the store to see if the service Is not very good.

ah, today’s editors to introduce you to a little knowledge of vehicle maintenance, that Is to say, it’s about Car maintenance, I believe that everyone Is very concerned about, because after all, who the children do not Care about it? If they own the Car has some minor problems, we might be in a hurry. Therefore, vehicle maintenance, we also have to have some basic knowledge, and select the appropriate repair place, and that helps your Car and your money. So we have to clean your eyes, have some Car maintenance tips.