Car maintenance to do good in the 4s shop, or a good outside repair shop? Old drivers say the truth

In fact, for our people now, the economic capacity Is also constantly upgrading them, there are a lot of people Will buy a Car for their travel greater convenience, but often drive a Car, then, it Is after the need for regular maintenance performed on their own Car, so that it can bring greater security guarantees for their albums, but there are a lot of owners in their own vehicle out of the warranty period, would be Willing to Carry out Car 4s shop side maintenance, but Will go directly to the repair shop for maintenance, but also because it repair shops and maintenance, then the price Is cheaper, but there are a lot of people think to 4s shop side if not understand, then there might be someone else to kill a Dayton, in fact, thIs Is indeed a very common problem, but in fact some maintenance Is also really need to go to 4s shops to do, so today we have to solve thIs problem for everyone. vapor. Car to do maintenance, good in the 4s shop, or a good outside repair shop? Old drivers say the truth.

First, the first to go to a store 4s doing maintenance Is positioned 4, the four positioning edge Is preferably proceeds to store maintenance 4s, inside 4s shop, they have retained the original data, so that they do out of four location, definitely better than those inside the repair shop to do it more accurate number, which Is also simply do not perform doubt, and sometimes their own to repair the store Carried four sides to locate, until a few days did not open the Car and the situation appears deviation, which Is particularly common, but also very prone to some unexpected circumstances during driving in.

inside the first two going to 4s shops to do the maintenance Is up painting, in fact, for 4s store side of popularity Is certainly better than doing outside repair shop It goes on too much, although outside the service point Is also able to do, but there are some Car paint and repair shop inside that they simply can not make up, for example Angkesaila hole in it live, basically they usually do not, but the only bad side to go up painting 4s shop price Is relatively high, and spent hours fee Is more expensive, but also have to buy these raw materials in the 4s shop side.

Of course, for some maintenance Is also possible to select the service shop outside edge,Even the price Is cheaper than the 4s shop a lot of it, such as an oil change on thIs Issue, thIs time we also can own the Internet to buy some oil, some of the repair shop and then to the side and let them help themselves be replaced, as long as you buy not fake, then indeed the whole Is more cost effective, but the money spent Is relatively small.

but for a new Car, it Is best to Carry out maintenance in the 4s shop side, but for their vehicles has been a warranty, and not some big problem, for example, oil filter change these things, then we Will be inside to outside repair shop to do maintenance. Will price in the maintenance shop outside edge indeed Is more cost effective, but slightly larger for those who Care, it Is best to go to 4s shops which also do maintenance, but to do maintenance in the repair shop outside edge time it was certain find those tricky, to be otherwIse, there may appear to be the case of the pit, you do not know when their vehicle maintenance Will choose to go to 4s shop side chose to go outside the repair shop yet.