Car maintenance There Is no need to go 4S shop to do? Maintenance man to tell the truth, the owners: how say that earlier

Car maintenance There Is no need to go 4S shop to do? Maintenance man to tell the truth, the owners: how say that earlier

to life Is a big Car convenience, so now a lot of people buy a Car, the Car Is now largely inexpensive, a monthly salary of 3000 to buy a Car of many people.

but later bought the Car, but also to “support”, where the maintenance and repair of which accounted for a big chunk.

bought the Car in front, 4S shops usually advIse owners on time to the 4S shop to do the first insurance, general insurance first Car driving 5,000 kilometers to do more than thIs number of kilometers on Car parts Will be damage, some Car owners great Care, not to 5000 km, he went ahead and did the first insurance, mainly because the first insurance Is free, and the Car 4S shop to say, first of all warranty original oil ,best effect.

Car maintenance

the first insurance usually no problem, after all, free of charge, but after the first security it? There Is no need to go 4S shop to do maintenance?

to replace oil

After all, the Car Is generally about 10,000 km maintenance once it Is done in order to make the performance of the Car remains stable, and even reached its peak .

But we all know, the cost of Auto 4S shop garage expensive than outside general, not only expensive materials, but also work costs more expensive, more than 2000 small maintenance down time Is necessary, major maintenance and more Is tens of thousands, some owners address him stand.

However, Auto 4S shop said, their oil and accessories are original configuration, outside the repair shop Is not professional, chaos or add fuel replacement parts, great damage to the Car ? Is it really?

Car in the 4S shop maintenance

In fact, Auto 4S shop mouth original configuration Is not necessarily some are original equipment, Automotive 4S shop in order to reduce costs, Will purchase oil from other sources and accessories, so the quality and the outerSurface repair shops basically no difference, just put these things on the 4S shop later, the price rose up, just like the same bottle of mineral water in a small shop selling, selling 3 in 5-star hotels, even 5 block, or that the water bottles of water, just not the same position.

In thIs regard, the owner said, how say that earlier, causing me stood nearby garages do not go, then ran away 4S shop, also wasted a lot of money.

Therefore, in addition to the need to maintain the first 4S shop to do, other maintenance garage on the outside to do Is the same, no need to spend more, do a maintenance 4S shop, can be made out of two times, not easy to keep a Car, it could save the province.