Car maintenance There are several categories? LIsten to repair a master craftsman analysIs, regret not knew

Car maintenance which of these categories? LIsten to repair a master craftsman analysIs, regret not knew, with the improvement of living standards, people have to go out gradually break away from the feet of stupid tired old model Car, SUV and other scooter Is becoming increasingly popular. Car to the convenience of people, it Is also a little bit of wear and tear and aging in urgent need of proper maintenance. Car maintenance market came into being, then, faced with a wide range of Car Care market, Car owners how to choose the right type of curing their Car it? Xiao Bian gave you today to be a detailed analysIs.

Cars normally open no maintenance, wear and tear Is small, security rIsk Is great

Cars like people also have longevity, and when a certain mileage Cars, Car oil, wearing parts need maintenance or replacement. If not timely maintenance or replacement, over time, the Car’s performance Will decline occurs, ie aging, it Is very latent variety of security rIsks.

3-point vehicle maintenance in mind, dedicated Care from the inside out, good Car better

The industry stresses “Car Care since the beginning, outside maintenance.” It refers to an outer surface of the vehicle anti-aging Care, body paint, primer and other vehicle components easy to aging. It refers to the engine, air conditioning, water, oil and glass cleaning and replacement. Specific three points from the following:

1 point routine maintenance. A cooling system including treatment, cleaning brake pump, mechanical cleaning nozzle, nozzle cleaning power, the cooling system stanch processing, processing engine wear, fuel additive system, replace the oil filter, antifreeze, and filters, gas filter, air filter. In addition, wiper, transmIssion stanch cleaning brakes, air conditioning testing and fluoride, the ratio of liquid to check the battery, battery maintenance, maintenance of the spark plug, the whole Car maintenance conservation of these belts are also important wearing parts. The content also requires regular replacement and maintenance.

point 2, advanced securitysupport. ComprIsing detecting and decoding the computer, the maintenance of the generator, the detection of the chassIs, and the like. Unlike regular maintenance as these can get it yourself, you need to go 4S help by a professional technician.

3 point for demolition conservation. The so-called “split-free” means pressurized by the device outside the vehicle, the Automotive cleaning material into the pipeline, as the lubrication system, cooling system, engine, transmIssion, steering system components. “Avoid demolition conservation” to avoid mIsuse and injury due to a Car.

In short, regular Car maintenance, not only Care for the Car, it Is responsible for the safety of their lives. But not blindly follow the trend of chaotic conservation, as the owner, basic Car maintenance knowledge must master in order to avoid unnecessary waste.

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