Car maintenance than useless inventory of five projects, but must remember, be careful spent odds for thIs purpose

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saying goes, “Buddha by gold, clothes make the man.” Do something we must first clean up their own dress. Of course, the Car Is the same, we need Careful maintenance can have a longer life. So many people in the Car serviced Will put all projects are to do it again, that thIs Is the best way to conserve. ThIs idea Is certainly true, but in Car maintenance, there are some projects and not much action, Ruoguo done then it could be wasted money. Next on vehicle maintenance than useless inventory of five projects, if not understand, Carefully spent odds for thIs purpose.

the first one, and detailed engine maintenance. LIsten detailed engine maintenance Is very important, but in fact just the cleaning agent into the engine, and then start the Car on it. Just a few minutes a few hundred dollars. If you really want to detail every place, then it can only be dIsmantled. So thIs one Is no necessary. Normal maintenance we only need to change the oil and filter on it, not so meticulous.

The second Car waxing. Car waxing are a lot of people when doing skin Care mandatory one, because it makes the Car look brighter update. So we have to do every time waxing beauty Care. ThIs approach Is wrong, because of frequent waxing can easily cause damage paint and some repair shop Is not a good use of wax, low-grade wax containing alkaline substances, over time it Will make black body change, not only affects the appearance Is also difficult to clean.

The third, fuel additives. Whether gas station or in the 4S shop or repair shop, you may have encountered the recommended fuel additives, say what can increase the rate of combustion gasoline and clean Carbon deposits and so on. In fact, there Is no need. Because Carbon and other strong adhesion. Liquid Is difficult to clear them. So thIs one Is not necessary.

The fourth, tire maintenance. In fact, many people heard of thIs one can not help but feel heavyTo be, because the moment the tire contact with the ground, Is the biggest loss, so that maintenance at the tire well. But in fact the only tire maintenance Is cleaning, waxing, tire debrIs removed it, in addition to tire more beautiful outside not much use.

The fifth air conditioning sterilization. Many riders believe sales Will tell you when to air conditioning maintenance recommended sterilization, or long-term use Will breed a lot of bacteria, along with air conditioning Will start to be blown out. Sounds hazardous to human health, in fact, not so serious. In 4s shop to do the maintenance they just spray some dIsinfectant nothing. We can replace the air filter to solve thIs.

more than five maintenance useless configuration, you had better remember it later to do Car maintenance know what to do what not to do , then do not waste money.