Car maintenance requirements at their own expense, the men help the media, 4s shop person in charge: you did not mind the number of points?

vehicle maintenance requirements at their own expense, the men help the media, 4s shop person in charge: you did not mind the number of points?

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We all know the saying goes, a bolt, people have always happens. In life and in the life of our hundred years of experience which we do not know how much wind and rain, we might one Is not Careful Will be some minor illnesses small dIsaster, when an accident we do not know what Will happen, people are like, animals and plants in these cases also, that the machine as a product of our development of human production for a long time it Will wear, damage, there Is no perpetual motion machine of course there Is no life but it Is followed by “life” Is exactly the same, but nothing Is definitely, like garages, there are many of these problems are in question on the manufacturer’s

Xiao Bian today gave us some such event, take a look at

now living standards improve, we Will choose our most basic necessities of life but also to enhance a grade level, eat more refined, worn look better, live better and both large local conditions, the line Well of course according to their preferences, thIs Is not Mr. Jane Is a party to hIs purchase of a Mercedes, and last year bought, presumably with the new Car should be very heart comfortable, Mr too, but he was happy mood did not last long, what causes it?

When he had thIs Car has a mileage of 15,000 km, he found fault dIsplay engine, they would often shake the situation, which makes him a high-speed very worried, but when Mr. Jane has just started not too concerned about, because thIs situation or a week or once Will occasionally two or three days

However, with the growth of Car time, he found more and more frequently thIs case, when the mileage reached 17,000 kilometers, when almost every case there are two or three times a day, he realized the scale of the problem resIstance, he 4S shop to the Car for inspection,

detected after the maintenance of the master told him that four vehicles including a nozzle clogging injectors, Carbon deposits more serious, Mr. Jane doubt thIs Car just bought not long how the problem Will clogged Carbon it?

teacher told him that Mr. Kan might be caused by the addition of the oil sink to the bottom, to which Mr. Kan did not agree, because he Is No. 95 Car with petrol and never roadside stalls plus oil, are added to the regular gas station oil, poor quality oil plus how the situation may appear, but also a new Car, even if there Is a problem how petrol might block a three instead of two, but the master insIsted repair their test results and to refuse to provide warranty service, because the nozzle damage Is not within their warranty,

asked Mr. Jane at their own expense, but also gives two options: First, clean, but can not solve problems that might be able to bottle two bottles or more, and a bottle of cleaning bottle of liquid Is over 2000 plus more than 7,000 man-hours fee; the second Is to replace the nozzle, beginning insured Is more than 12,000, later said nearly 20,000, such a high quality of Mr. Kan unacceptable but also in should not be charged, so he got help media, the media Is also very surprIsed to understand the situation ,

then the person in charge of their after-sales service, but he declined to be interviewed, but expressed Willingness to understand and report the case of Jane Mr., Mr. Kan told them to leadership not in the store recently, and although he never put Mr. Jane couple reported to him as the person responsible for maintenance of the master following the following,

get Mr. Kan also made him reflect speculated that oil may also be a quality problem, but due to the lack of information still not sure, specific leadership to wait until two or three days to come back and do the specific detection a solution, Mr. Kan expressed then.


media continue to follow thIs matter has been solved. In thIs regard users have expressed their views

Some netizens said Car has a problem, how could complain to the oil, which Is shirking its responsibilities, and maintenance costs are so expensive, thIs Is a fraud to deceive consumers

also have friends say , since oil Is determined that no problem, Mr. Jane might also neglect the basic data and detail data at when buying a Car to make the Car were clear, so maintenance staff Will be able to shut up

Xiaobian something to say , after the event no one hundred percent actively embrace responsibility, some responsibility can push the push, we can not show weakness in these relationships to their own vital interests