Car maintenance oil how the election? Three brands have their own advantages, cleaning depends on it

Now buy a Car for many people Is not difficult, but when it comes to maintenance when it Will make a lot of people feel a headache, large and small things either. Although some people think that an oil change Is very simple, but it really should be broken down, it Is also a lot of places we need to pay attention to, choose a suitable an important part of their Car’s oil Is Car maintenance. Now on the market a wide oil complex, but the mainstream brands that we often see in a major advertIsing among those few, how to choose between them? Car maintenance oil how the election? Three brands have their own advantages, cleaning depends on it

First of all we talk about are more familiar with Mobil Oil, and its advantage Is long effect, movement, if it Is long-term or high-speed run long dIstances often people who choose thIs oil Is more appropriate, but it Is more able to endure high temperatures, which for many people Is a very attractive.

The second Is Shell, which comes to a lot of people affectionately call it “cleaner”, its greatest feature Is the cleaning performance Is relatively good, if open the Car a long time, easy to produce coke, sludge and other waste, it can help to clean up these wastes on the engine, to ensure the efficient operation of the engine.

The third Is Castrol, I am sure thIs brand Is more familiar, then do televIsion advertIsing Is also very popular, it has the advantage that abrasion resIstance more prominent, and the effect Is very good cold start, the northern region, especially in the Northeast thIs winter, particularly low temperature place, it Is more suitable for the use of thIs oil, cold start Will not increase the wear and tear, and the use of thIs oil can effective noIse Is reduced. But it also has obvious shortcomings, it Is not as good as Shell on cleanliness.

The three oil be on the market relatively large brands, the quality Is also more reassuring, but the tree attracts the wind, and now the market there are a lot of imitations , we also need to pay attention to choose the time. And small series to remind everyone that we have to choose according to their actual needs, do not just look for the brand feel good to use, if inappropriate Will also affect engine efficiencyrate.