Car maintenance, must be next to stare at the old driver told you what tricky repair shop

Car maintenance, must be next to stare at the old driver told you what tricky repair shop

after each of the owners bought a new Car Is certainly to take hIs own renovate the inside and outside of new Cars, driving on the road sometimes feels a little problem when all you need to tell their own baby Car to four s store maintenance a little longer. But in the maintenance shop when there are a lot of new drivers do not know the charade on the inside, along with hIs older drivers Xiao Bian today with me to explore it. Car maintenance, when part of the owners choose to take to recover from the lounge, there Is the whole Car to stay in front, staring at the Car maintenance master well. Which one do you?

we talk about thIs first, followed hIs master hold the entire process, they are afraid of the Car in the maintenance of master maintenance process move a little action, there Is the maintenance Is not in place, so-so afraid they would deal with the matter, I have been staring at people watching. That speaking, there Is nothing tricky charade have it, Comin give the big guys said it.

One Is the oil change when Kazakhstan, he give you for half of the remaining half, the new half old half, you start with a ‘d no problems, but others so down to earn a few money, say, cleaning the inside of the oil ah, ah air conditioning, valve ah, you can not see, the people have the final say Is not clear unclear. There Is a spark plug, take two you do not know.

more thIs kind of thing before, now it Is much better, because the four s store and brand integrity Is required, but certainly not completely the thing Is, you only have to worry about that. The monitor now be more difficult maintenance man tricks Is relatively large, so it Is more secure.

which the owners have to say, then Why should follow to see it, it Is to see you one of their own views.

followed by maintenance of the master to see, how the can also learn some useful tips and repair operations, you usually encounter some minor problems when I could be resolved, do not delay things, the total can not put out a fire call all shout repair it.

how do drivers still have to see how the new selection Is not na?